In the first month of the coaching, my revenues grew 400%! (And even more since)

annaI am so grateful for the opportunity to join this program. At the time it was offered, I had been following Bedros and Cabel for about eight months, so I knew what they were about and how they were already helping my business grow. When I saw the email for the Fitness Business Accelerator program, I immediately signed up—zero hesitation. I started seeing results from the very first webinar, and even better results starting with my first one-on-one coaching session.  In the first month of the training, my revenues grew 400%. I made more money in that first month than I had ever made in a single month in my whole life, even when I was working my old corporate job. It was so much money, in fact, that my next coaching session with Cabel dealt with my feelings about suddenly making so much and how to deal with the insecurity that that maybe it was a one-time fluke (it wasn’t).

The best parts of this program are that you realize that every single problem you have in your business is normal. And every single problem is solve-able in a way that takes about five minutes for them to explain. Just like I ask my clients to step out of their comfort zone and trust my fat-loss process, Cabel and Bedros repeatedly asked me to step out of my comfort zone and trust their business success process. I remember two times where this was pretty scary—the first time Cabel said, “Anna, you HAVE TO trust me on this.” I was still scared and wasn’t fully committed to pulling the trigger on what he said to do (raising my prices—a LOT). The next day I was telling a client who was afraid to eat carbs, “Mrs. Jones, you HAVE TO trust me on this.” It clicked. I immediately raised my prices almost double. Two weeks later, I signed FIVE TIMES more clients than I had ever signed in one month. It was stunning. I was actually on vacation, sitting on the beach, sent out the email, and within 48 hours I had 65 paid-for clients signed up for my six week program.
I’m sold. This works. Period.
January 2015 Update:
Back in September, my marching orders were to figure out my finances, know my margins, and to create culture in order to reduce attrition in the program. I gave myself three weeks to do the finances and the full 4 months to really nail down the culture. Ha! Little did I know…
The finances were hard because I didn’t really understand what I was needing to look at or how it would really affect my business. I was thinking I just needed to know how much money was coming in vs going out, but I didn’t understand the depth that information could give to my business and growing it.
I started out by getting all my numbers in a spreadsheet, and then figuring out my margins. I started reading a few books (Rich Dad series, especially Guide to Investing) and I played an online game that really taught me how my own business is an investment to GROW, not just to give me some money each month to live on. I then read another book (Built to Sell) that systematizes exactly how to position and grow your business into a successful entity that can work and grow without you.
I’m starting to get it, and am working on making my business into a series of systems that can work without me, or in the event that an employee quits, there will be no downtown. I am also learning how to strengthen my business against competition, from outside as well as from the dreaded “insider” situation.
My numbers are way up from September, as of January 2015 my revenue has increased by over 500% of what it was last May (no exaggeration) and I’ve consistently been able to maintain margins between 60-70% monthly for more than 90 days!
Next focus: automate all systems, hire more staff (full-time assistant and manager), and be able to leave the business for 4-8 weeks—and have it grow during that time. Then, start working towards a second location.
Anna Larsen

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