Fast forward 16 months and I have 2 locations and am on pace for my first ever $50k month!


David Bostik

I started working with Cabel in June of 2012 and at that time I had 1 location and we did $20,000/mth in business. Fast forward 16 months and I have 2 locations and am on pace for my first ever $50k month. But let’s go back to the beginning.

In June of 2012 I had 3 trainers working for me and had what I thought was a successful business and I was doing better than I ever thought possible as a personal trainer. The first thing Cabel helped me fix was my tracking and metrics. For anyone that knows Cabel, he is a numbers machine and can tell you at any given point his set, show, and close percentage. I had no idea and when he first asked me what my close percentage was I paused and said ‘Maybe 50%?’ with a questioning tone. Cabel showed me how to track all of this and most importantly IMPROVE upon it.

On 10/9/12, a little over 3 months after working with Cabel I sent him an email saying I was having trouble breaking the 26k mark. He took the time to analyze my business, ask me tons of questions, and found what was missing. We fixed a couple things, tweaked a couple more and in January of 2013 we did $30,903 in sales. I was able to increase that to $40,728 just 5 months later in June of 2013. So I basically doubled my business revenue in a 1 year time frame.

I was ready for my next big step of opening a 2nd location at this point; but I was terrified of the thought. So of course I contacted Cabel and he helped push me to make the move I know I needed to make.

So here we are today. I have 7 trainers, an assistant, and we are about to hit $50k for the first time ever with a goal of $60k set for June of 2014 making a 300% growth in 2 years. Thank you Cabel!


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