Our Mission, Vision and Values

Mission: We Empower People to Become the Best Versions of Themselves


We are committed to having a broad impact on each other and the communities we serve, empowering all those we interact with to “become the best versions of themselves.” We’ll use exercise, nutrition, positivity, change psychology and genuine relationships as our primary tools.

Over the next three years we will impact more than 11,000 new people between our three current locations (South and West Edmonton and Innisfail, AB.) (as measured by the total people in our databases.) We will proudly display multiple new transformations (submitted before and after photos) on a weekly basis, our clients will rave about their success and experiences, being at Fit Body will truly be their most looked forward to time of day!

We will see net growth in our membership in excess of 360 additional clients per year, and each time we exceed this goal we will evaluate our plan for expansion to open our next location to serve even more people in our communities. By the end of 2021 we will be at 6 or more active locations in the region. This will come easily because from the moment anyone opens the door the enthusiasm and positive energy will wave over them from our smiles, our ability to get to know them and call them by name, to them we will just feel like the family we already think og them to be.

Growth will be easy because work isn’t laborious when we’re having fun and our instant reward is the smiles and laughter we share with our clients.

With growth we will continually strive to give back by contributing time, effort and resources to volunteer and charitable organizations in our community. By 2021 our charitable donations will exceed $10,000 annually per location and we will be known for our charitable participation in the communities we serve because that’s who we are, we love to serve and have an impact on people’s lives, life becomes simple when you care bigger because everyone cares about you and encourages you in return!

If we’re successful in what we do change will be more than just a physical change in our clients. It will encompass strong emotional changes pertaining to self-mastery and relationships. Those we impact will knowingly or unknowingly join our mission through their encouragement of others and this is how we will have a profound impact and be “determined difference makers” in our communities!


Care Bigger

Extreme Ownership

Be Open & Honest

Always Have Fun

Be So Good They Can’t Ignore You

Focus on What Counts

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