January Is Never As Busy As Personal Trainers Busy Expect Here’s Why

Even if you’ve been in the industry for a while as a personal trainer you expect that when the clock strikes twelve on January 1 that there will be a line up outside your gym like Best Buy on Black Friday!

But that’s rarely the case, and as the days tick on, you begin to get a little nervous and wonder what’s going on?

Even worse you have more clients cancelling than usual, it’s January, everyone has a fitness New Year’s Resolution, what’s going on?

Truth is, it’s like this every year, unless you realize what you’ve missed.

January presents a unique consumer psychology that doesn’t exist at any other time of year.

Christmas = time off work for most.

Time off work = smaller or missed pay.

Smaller or missed pay + increased spending = greater price sensitivity.

New Year’s creates a “Blank Slate” mentality, I mean I can’t even deny that on January 1 there’s a sense of relief that good or bad the old is gone the new is here I am, once again the master of my future (even though I know and believe this can hold true for any day of the year.)

When you add all this together you have consumers that are hyper-motivated and ultra-price sensitive, in other words they look for cheaper solutions because “they can surely do it on their own this time.”

I talk about this weird phenomenon in this weeks video and share with you the fitness marketing strategies to use to overcome it.

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