How-to Keep You Clients Longer

We often talk about how to “get more leads” for your personal training business or fitness studio, but if nobody ever left would you need as many leads?

Truth is the most powerful marketing strategy in fitness or in anything else is retention hands down. (You thought I was going to say results didn’t you?)

Ironically though results are important (and to a degree essential for any of this to work) results are never actually at the top of the list for most clients when it comes to why they stay with a service.

If you doubt this, just think about your own behaviours, the things you pay for, do or are a part of.

Truth is we’re most likely to stick with something we enjoy. To enjoy something, results are a component, but equally or more important is the sense of community, belonging, acknowledgment and recognition and more.

IN my own personal training career I experienced this first hand, it wasn’t unusual for me to maintain clients for multiple years. And; even when they would leave they’d often return months and years later to work with me again. My longest standing client was more than eight years (and that’s because I stopped training people at that point) and now nearly 8 years later since I stopped training people I will still get sporadic inquiries from past clients wondering if I’d work with them again or if I can suggest someone for them.

Master this and you will have true sustainability in your business no matter what the world throws at you!

In this video I put together some of the best tips and ideas and lay out for you the critical components that you must do to maintain the relationship with your clients through year 1, 2, 5 and beyond.

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