How-to Keep You Clients Longer

We often talk about how to “get more leads” for your personal training business or fitness studio, but if nobody ever left would you need as many leads?

Truth is the most powerful marketing strategy in fitness or in anything else is retention hands down. (You thought I was going to say results didn’t you?)

Ironically though results are important (and to a degree essential for any of this to work) results are never actually at the top of the list for most clients when it comes to why they stay with a service.

If you doubt this, just think about your own behaviours, the things you pay for, do or are a part of.

Truth is we’re most likely to stick with something we enjoy. To enjoy something, results are a component, but equally or more important is the sense of community, belonging, acknowledgment and recognition and more.

IN my own personal training career I experienced this first hand, it wasn’t unusual for me to maintain clients for multiple years. And; even when they would leave they’d often return months and years later to work with me again. My longest standing client was more than eight years (and that’s because I stopped training people at that point) and now nearly 8 years later since I stopped training people I will still get sporadic inquiries from past clients wondering if I’d work with them again or if I can suggest someone for them.

Master this and you will have true sustainability in your business no matter what the world throws at you!

In this video I put together some of the best tips and ideas and lay out for you the critical components that you must do to maintain the relationship with your clients through year 1, 2, 5 and beyond.

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The 5X25 Fitness Marketing Model

I’ve always preached that you need to be, “fishing in multiple ponds,” when it comes to generating enough leads to successfully grow your fitness business (or any business for that matter.)

So something I’ve always taught my clients is what I call the “5X25 Fitness Marketing Model.”

You see we live in a time where online is so easy and appealing, because it’s quick and easy.

And then days happen like recently where both Facebook and Instagram were down for a good part of the day.

Not to mention that both of these platforms are becoming exponentially more expensive, competitive and consumers are just getting flogged with so many offers that the responsiveness of these campaigns is becoming more unpredictable.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you shouldn’t be advertising on Facebook, in fact I’m certain for most it’s still where the largest portion of their fitness marketing budget will go.

But…you need to be beyond Facebook.

In fact I’d even argue that when you utilize multiple channels well they will all even work better making your cost per lead and marketing ROI dramatically drop.

In this video I explain the 5X25 Fitness Marketing Model, simply put we want to be drawing at least 25 leads from 5 different sources each month, so this way if one or more fail our business doesn’t stall.

While others freak out that Facebook or whatever is down or not working, you’ll continue to grow and in times where adaptation is needed you’ll be able to take your time and do it right!

Hope this helps!

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Email Marketing For Personal Trainers in 2019

“Email marketing doesn’t work for personal trainers!”

I seem to hear this a lot late, but this statement couldn’t be more false.

In fact there’s a reason it’s not working for many (and one I’ve even fallen prey to from time to time.)

Your content isn’t good enough.

In the midst of all the day to day hustle, the million things that pull you in, what feels like, thousands of direction it’s hard to make time to generate truly good content.

And let’s face it, we live in the “delegation world.”

Over these most recent years everything has been about speed, about outsourcing, and there’s some pretty compelling services out there that make it easy to let go of the reins, heck the stuff they provide is often even pretty informative and well written.

There’s just one problem…

There’s no soul, no life, character or personality…namely yours.

I’m happy to tell you I’ve never send you anything I didn’t write.

For a time I used a fair amount of ghost written content for my fitness studios to allow me to focus, but over time I could see the responsiveness of my lists on the decline.

Even with you my trainers and fitness professionals, at times where I’ve been overloaded or stressed my content became a little more robotic, less from the heart and truly that just doesn’t fly.

In fact it’s probably why you’re saying email marketing for personal trainers doesn’t work!

But I’ve got good news, it does, and it will be easier than you think to re-ignite your email list.

First if you’re using a pre-generated newsletter, kill it.

If you’re using outsources content stop.

Start with just once a week and write something from the heart, don’t worry if it’s not earth shattering education, just write from the heart.

Your clients, subscribers and team like to hear from YOU, they bought into YOU, so be you.

Don’t make it “I” focused, but do express your vision, what you’re excited about, what’s rolling around in that marble of yours on top of your shoulders.

Yes, make it relevant to your desired field, just don’t feel like you have to always be a scholar.

Recipes are still amazing, but try to focus on ones you’ve actually tried or legitimately want to try.

And when sending a recipe my favourite thing to do is send it on Saturday morning, because if you’re like me the weekend affords more time to try something new.

And because I know a lot of people just skim their inbox (I know I do) I like to start these emails with, “Just want you to know I appreciate you, and here’s a recipe my family and I are trying this weekend.”

So even if you don’t open it, well you know my intentions are clear.

Try to do this for a couple of weeks, and now we’ve set the stage to deliver an offer, it’s time for you to watch the video below.

In it I outline exactly how I structure my email campaigns. Always 4 emails, always start Sunday (or Monday on a long weekend) at 4 PM, and always written to what I call the 3 personalities.

  1. The Impulse Buyer
  2. The Analyst (yep that’s me)
  3. Eyore (yep you read that right, not a Pooh fan?)

Follow these steps and you’re going to be saying, “email marketing for personal trainers works just fine in 2019!”


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Stop Attrition Dead…Right Now

You can be the best marketer in the world, and generate tonnes of new leads to sell personal training to but if you can’t keep your clients (AKA Skyhigh Attrition) then you are dead in the water!

I’ve found for a lot of trainers it’s when they open their studios and hire staff that their personal training client attrition appears, increases and becomes alarming.

And it’s no surprise, I mean when we’re solo, we live, breathe and die by our clients.

We have to fight tooth and nail for every single one, and each personal training client we lost to attrition was like a mortal chest wound! (Ok maybe that’s dramatic but I remember plenty of times when someone quit I had that sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach because I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to pay my rent on time.)

So as time goes one and we become industry veterans, well we do things naturally that keep our attrition low, and then we hire people and try to train and expect them to do the same. Only…they don’t.

They like the grind, hustle and ability to foster and maintain relationships like we can, and it’s no surprise, or skill was born of pain and frustration; they just work here.

What’s worse if you’re like me, I had no idea how to train or teach other people to do what I do, it just kind of developed naturally for me and I’d known it so long it seemed crazy that they didn’t, hence I too struggled with high personal training client attrition.

Now, results are a given, you’ve gotta get results for people, but beyond that there are three relatively simple things that you can do with your growing business that will put you back in the drivers seat and pretty much stop attrition dead, and once these things are in place you can delegate and let them go, though the rule is slowly, very very slowly.

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January Is Never As Busy As Personal Trainers Busy Expect Here’s Why

Even if you’ve been in the industry for a while as a personal trainer you expect that when the clock strikes twelve on January 1 that there will be a line up outside your gym like Best Buy on Black Friday!

But that’s rarely the case, and as the days tick on, you begin to get a little nervous and wonder what’s going on?

Even worse you have more clients cancelling than usual, it’s January, everyone has a fitness New Year’s Resolution, what’s going on?

Truth is, it’s like this every year, unless you realize what you’ve missed.

January presents a unique consumer psychology that doesn’t exist at any other time of year.

Christmas = time off work for most.

Time off work = smaller or missed pay.

Smaller or missed pay + increased spending = greater price sensitivity.

New Year’s creates a “Blank Slate” mentality, I mean I can’t even deny that on January 1 there’s a sense of relief that good or bad the old is gone the new is here I am, once again the master of my future (even though I know and believe this can hold true for any day of the year.)

When you add all this together you have consumers that are hyper-motivated and ultra-price sensitive, in other words they look for cheaper solutions because “they can surely do it on their own this time.”

I talk about this weird phenomenon in this weeks video and share with you the fitness marketing strategies to use to overcome it.

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