The Personal Trainer Marketing Channel You've Forgotten! (And Need to Add Right Now)

The Personal Trainer Marketing Channel You’ve Forgotten! (And Need to Add Right Now)

And it’s a high converting one, I remember one I used this personal trainer marketing strategy and it brought us more than $11,000 of new sales in just a month, and continued to deliver adding much more for months after. And this will work for you too, in fact, arguably, with a little consistent effort […]

Why You’re Failing at Group Selling Before You Start (and How-to Fix it in 4 Minutes)

Yesterday I was hosting a weekly video coaching call for some of my clients and I was teaching about why people fail when it comes to selling personal training to a group. For the record, I was slow to adopt group selling, to me I always connected best with people one-on-one and felt I’d never […]

Trainer Job Description and Career Path

Trainer (25-33 hours/week Salary Range $31,000-65,000) Direct Report: Manager Position Overview: The Trainer works directly with the clients in a group setting to provide 30 minutes of high intensity circuit training. Our program is designed to be the best 30 minutes of our clients’ day, every day! In addition trainers will provide encouragement, resources, ensure […]