Trainer Job Description and Career Path

Trainer (25-33 hours/week Salary Range $31,000-65,000) Direct Report: Manager Position Overview: The Trainer works directly with the clients in a group setting to provide 30 minutes of high intensity circuit training. Our program is designed to be the best 30 minutes of our clients’ day, every day! In addition trainers will provide encouragement, resources, ensure […]

Our Mission, Vision and Values

Mission: We Empower People to Become the Best Versions of Themselves Vision: We are committed to having a broad impact on each other and the communities we serve, empowering all those we interact with to “become the best versions of themselves.” We’ll use exercise, nutrition, positivity, change psychology and genuine relationships as our primary tools. […]

Sample Trainer Employee Review

Employee Name: __________________________ Date: ______________________ Reviewed by: _____________________________ Review #: ____________________ Mission/Vision/Values Know the mission statement by heart: Y / N Able to recite all the company values: Y / N Which value did you focus on last week and how: Pick one value to focus on this week (how will you do it?): Demo: […]

How I Would “Start Over” in 2017

I get asked this question a lot… How would you start a successful fitness business if you were just starting over. Not how I would start one today with all the resources now at my disposal, but to rewind the clock and with all the knowledge (from all the painful mistakes I’ve made) how would […]