This place is special for a lot of reasons, but perhaps most of all because it’s a place I’ve visited throughout my life starting when I was just a young boy. It’s a slightly treacherous descent to the level of the first falls, but one braved by many and spurred by curiosity. The best views of this incredible landscape have you near the edge of the jagged rocks looking over the lower falls at the deep winding canyon carved by the river. Behind you roars the power of the upper falls, you’ll feel the spray. As you turn to look upon the upper falls you may be so fortunate to see fluffy clouds and a brilliant blue sky.

It’s this that lead me here with my camera, the uneasiness of being near the canyons edge, the power of the water, and the serene sky remind me of the struggle we all face in life. Fear, challenge, and our continual pursuit of happiness. I dedicate this image to my mother, for all her strength through the toughest of times and the determination she bestowed upon me to succeed.

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