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The Personal Trainer Marketing Channel You've Forgotten! (And Need to Add Right Now)

The Personal Trainer Marketing Channel You’ve Forgotten! (And Need to Add Right Now)

Speaking has been one of my most effective personal trainer marketing strategies.

Speaking has been one of my most effective personal trainer marketing strategies.

And it’s a high converting one, I remember one I used this personal trainer marketing strategy and it brought us more than $11,000 of new sales in just a month, and continued to deliver adding much more for months after.

And this will work for you too, in fact, arguably, with a little consistent effort it will work better and be cheaper than anything else that you are doing.

What’s more, this is the perfect time of year!

When I got started as a personal trainer there was no Facebook, Instagram or for that matter even having a website as a small company or solopreneur was a big deal.

Look I’m only 42 but I’ve literally been in this fitness game as a trainer for 25 years!

Here’s how I built my whole business, (and you could to on just this one personal trainer marketing strategy) and it’s so simple at first you may not even believe me, but I’ll lay it all out for you.

First, I made a list of:

  • All the accounting firms in my city.
  • All the law offices.
  • I tracked down contact info for a number of local charitable organizations: Rotary, Kinsmen, Heart & Stroke Foundation, Diabetes Association, Weight Watchers, TOPS (Taking Off Pounds Sensibly)
  • I made a list of as many companies as I could that had large numbers of employees (Start with over 100+ and then work your way down.)

Then I went and introduced myself.

I’d simply show up, talk to whoever I could, explain I was a local trainer, yes I was looking for clients but no I wasn’t there to pitch.

I’d explain that I knew if I educated people and gave them things they could use today and see and feel a difference (all without leaving the office) that some of them might look me up after.

Literally I’d do everything I could to make sure that introduction turned into a 5 minute impromptu fitness evaluation and demonstration for that individual.

Hint: A real good understanding of posture and being able to spot deficiencies and explain why and what to do on the spot really helps keep the conversation going.

Here’s an example, you walk into office XYZ, you see receptionist sitting at the desk, she stands up to great you. You notice her right shoulder is higher than her left, what might you discern?

Maybe she doesn’t use a headset, so maybe she holds the phone against her shoulder a lot. Maybe she carries her purse on that shoulder all the time, or a child/diaper bag. Maybe she sleeps on her side, on that side all the time. Or if it was her left, maybe she has a long commute too and from work each day.

Identifying these things and asking, “hey do you sleep on your right side at night?” worked quite often to arouse curiosity and keep the conversation going as I began to explain why I thought that which lead to discussions of headaches, back pain, and what to do about it!

You don’t have to be right all the time, and not every conversation will go somewhere.

But out of 5-10 I can promise you there’s a big chance you’ll be able to book a lunch presentation or meeting presentation where you get a chance to teach a group.

Larger organizations and charities etc that have regular luncheon meetings know very well that by having something education or entertaining on the schedule helps get people focused, inspired and engaged which leads to a more productive meeting.

That should be you!

Now you absolutely can’t pitch, but there’s plenty you can do to ensure you get the opportunity to pitch most people in the room; and not just once but repeatedly.

First, make sure your presentation is engaging and calls for participation.

Not only is it entertaining to watch people try to squat in business attire or high heels, you can turn into David Copperfield deploying things like PNF stretching that will have people who’ve never touched their toes touching their toes in just minutes.

Sure this boosts your credibility, but more importantly participation gives you a chance to offer reward.

“Hey for being a good sport you get to choose, I have a $5 gift card to Starbucks or a free session with me.”

Make sure you have little certificates for your session and the gift card, it doesn’t matter which one they choose as you just planted the seed in everyone’s mind.

The point is use your services as rewards for participation because that’s how you’ll get the audience to ask you about them afterwards without ever seeming to pitch.

Next…this is the grand finale.

Never have handouts, teach them things, stretches, meal planning, etc.

Something that will be much easier applied and remembered with a handout, tool, etc.

Sure some people will take notes, but here’s what you’re gonna do.

You’re going to place a clipboard at the back of the room (because it’s super non threatening and non solicitous) and at the end thank everyone and announce, “if you’d like handouts that show you exactly how to apply this or what I’ve taught please just leave me your email on the clipboard at the back and I will send them to you.)

Let people know your eco conscious and that’s why you don’t print them, or because everyone is so technology centred these days digital handouts are better because they can be saved in email or on a device and never lost and easy to access any time they’re needed.


My aim was always to make sure I left with at least 60% of the participants in the room, if it was less I knew my presentation didn’t connect well enough and that gave me hints as to what to change, what to improve or even what to speak on.


It’s not like I was doing these all the time, but I did likely go through periods where I’d have 1-2 of these sessions a month for 3, 4 or 5 months in a row.


Needless to say they gave my business a huge boost each time, and it didn’t take long for me to become “the fitness guy” in my city of nearly 100,000.


Even in my businesses right now I realize this is a huge gap and missed opportunity for us, in fact that’s one of the reasons I’m writing this for you, because it’s something I know is needed in my businesses and I’m gearing up for more speaking this fall!


Like this strategy? You’re a coach, you understand why your clients need you, but often we forget, we need coaches and mentors too. If you’re ready to take your business to a new level, or just looking for the guidance you need to turn the next corner reply, direct message or use the contact form on my website at I don’t know if coaching is right for you but only one way to find out! Consultations are no-obligation of course, I’m just a coach like you doing what I love to do!

How I went from 200 to 2000 Instagram Followers in Less Than a Month

And started to generate real business inquiries…

This week I wanted to share with you how I’ve picked up over 2500+ new Instagram followers in less than 30 days and am now gaining 100+ new followers/day.

Now these are not some fake followers or something like that that I’ve bought from shady site or service. These are real people and for the most part all people interested in what I do as an entrepreneurial coach for fitness professionals.

In fact in just the last couple weeks I’ve seen a significant increase to optins to my email list and direct messages and email responses from people asking questions and ultimately inquiring about coaching services.

Now before I get into this, I need you to understand a couple things:

  • I really dislike social media, I’m not someone these days that wants to constantly post and try to cater to the masses.
  • If you have a reasonably large following already (like 10,000+) this isn’t likely for you, the tips below are for people who (like me) have resisted Instagram for too long and realize it’s hurting their business by not establishing an audience.

I just watched a video last night from someone talking about how Kylie Jenner will become the worlds youngest self-made billionaire (she’s 20 by the way and did this all in 3 years.)

She did this by building an Instagram following of 111 million followers, and then using that to launch her cosmetics line, what’s more is companies now pay her in excess of $500,000 for a single promotional post!

Now I’m no Kylie Jenner, in fact I’ve been very resistant to this whole evolving social media but the reality is, like it or not, over the next decade or two as stupid as this sounds it’s going to be a significant class differentiator. Meaning the wealthy and the poor will largely be separated by one thing, the size of their audience; or at least that’s my belief.

So I don’t know about you but I definitely don’t want to be on the outside looking in when it comes to this new social economy, whether I’m late to the party or not I intend to make sure I’ve got social capital to leverage in the coming years.

So here’s what I’ve learned recently…

The game has really changed, since none of us are early adopters there’s no easy way through all the distraction and noise to catch people’s attention.

Content alone isn’t going to do it (though good content is key to retaining your following.)

But here’s the real scoop on how you build an initial fanbase on Instagram.

  • Make sure you post 1-2 times/day. Instagram is all about the “image tells the story” what will be your identity? I’ll be the first to admit I sometimes struggle with this, I’m not big into selfies day after day, instead I try to use images that mean something to me, that capture what I’m thinking about (keep it simple at first, take a picture of your breakfast, your favourite plate, your favourite brand of something, your favourite park to go for a run in, your favourite clients, one of the camps you taught today, etc, etc.)


Talk about what you’re thinking about in the description, but keep it easy to read, use extra periods to give you line breaks. No one reads paragraphs or blocks of text anymore, think of each line as a Twitter comment and break it up!


  • Use Hashtags, you can have up to 30 of them on each post and you should try to use all of them! Make this easy on yourself, download the app Hashtagger. You can enter any one hashtag (Like (yourtown)fitness) and it will give you suggestions, you can tick them off, copy and paste and you’re done! (PRO TIP: Paste your hashtags in the first comment of your post, this makes it look cleaner and if you autopost to other platforms (which you should, you’ll notice the option to connect a Twitter and Facebook as you post) it will keep your posts cleaner.


  • Install Ever-Liker. ( Ever Liker is am extension for Google Chrome, if your computer is on; you can connect it to your IG account, give it a list of hashtags and it will start liking posts for you. This is “Social Media” afterall so we need to be highly engaged in social things like interacting with other content, but who has time to like 700 different things a day? Work smarter not harder, have Ever Liker do it for you! (P.S. I use the paid version it cost $5/month and let’s you also specify other users who have large followings and may attract followers similar to what you want, it likes the content of their followers, great value for $5/month)


  • Stim Social. ( If nothing else signup for the free 5 day trial. This is a paid service with varying plan levels (I’m using the second most expensive at $40/month.) Stim Social follows and unfollows other users, you can target other accounts and hashtags much like Ever Liker. It also tracks data about your posts in terms of engagement and other metrics and gives you a real time load out of your expected follower growth over the next month and last and most importantly gives you the feature to send an automatic DM when someone follows you (which should lead to your email optin.) (I’m on pace to add another 3000 followers over the next 30 days.) Is it worth it to spend money on this? Only you can decide but in the last month it’s already brought me several new client inquiries and my email options have now increased three fold!


  • Followers Pro App. Finally I use a simple app that shows me who recently unfollowed me, no sense continuing to follow people who are not following me (unless of course I really like their content) I just check it a couple times a week and quickly unfollow the users that have unfollowed me.)


Ok if so if you’re an Instagram newbie like me I hope you found this helpful! I’m shooting for 10,000 followers by the end of the year and I encourage you to do the same!

Why You’re Failing at Group Selling Before You Start (and How-to Fix it in 4 Minutes)

Yesterday I was hosting a weekly video coaching call for some of my clients and I was teaching about why people fail when it comes to selling personal training to a group.

For the record, I was slow to adopt group selling, to me I always connected best with people one-on-one and felt I’d never be able to connect the same way to a group…which would lead to no one making a decision, me letting them down, and ultimately them not embracing change.

In short I was afraid everyone was going to lose.

But the thing is, it’s just a matter of understand people and behaviour, and more importantly being a real person.

Watch this 4 minute video and I explain exactly why most selling situations (group and one-on-one) fail before they even begin and exactly how to setup your next one for instant success (and I promise you you’re going to feel more genuine and relaxed doing it.)

If you liked this, I have a treat for you, just like I teach in the video, it’s all about establishing relationships, I have a gift for you. (I want to help you with selling more personal training programs or boot camp or really any kind of service!)

I’ve decided to make my give my wholes sales program away for free for a while in hopes I can help you and who knows maybe you’ll want to talk to me about your business some time.

Just head on over to: and get instant access right now, totally FREE!

How I Would “Start Over” in 2017

I get asked this question a lot…

How would you start a successful fitness business if you were just starting over.

Not how I would start one today with all the resources now at my disposal, but to rewind the clock and with all the knowledge (from all the painful mistakes I’ve made) how would I start out today (currently 2017) with limited resources?

The good news is, it’s cheaper and easier than ever. You have so much direct control over things that we never used to have, you can control expenses better than ever before and new customers are just a few clicks away!

In this video I share with your some of my thoughts of exactly how I would do it, I hope this gives you some direction.

What do you think? Did this video give you some ideas?

One of the things I’ve found is; that it’s easy to keep gathering information, it can be a pretty scary thing to actually go out and do it.

Something that seemed so simple suddenly becomes scary, or a lot more complicated.

Our industry is built on the fact that as people, as human beings, we need each other; we need support, community, confidence and accountability.

I love helping people, I love helping fitness professionals help more people, maybe I can help you.

From time to time I take on a few private coaching clients, if after watching the video above, if you’re serious about taking big action in your business maybe I can help you. Quite often I help fitness pros add $5000, 10,000, $15,000 a month in additional revenue in 60-90 days. If you’d like to know more about private coaching send me a message here.

How to market a fitness business in December and January

December is a tricky month for fitness entrepreneurs.

Even though as fitness professionals we know that by beginning an exercise program now, even if you’re eating all the delicious treats and having the occasional alcoholic beverages, that metabolically you’re far less likely to gain weight through the holidays.

Even though we know that, it’s a tough sell for our would be customer.

They are worried about paying for something they won’t use. They’re worried about the cost with so much additional expense coming through the holidays, and usually some time off work meaning small or missing paychecks.

And that’s my point, whether it’s December or January or any month of the year, and whether it’s a fitness business or something else you have to, as they say, condition yourself to, “walk a mile in their shoes.”

Always consider what your audience is feeling in that moment.

How can you make it easy for them to begin working out in December?

Truth is the only way is to mitigate the cost for them.

They will sporadically make time the best they can as long as they feel no anxiety about losing money or wasting money on services they haven’t used effectively.

After all isn’t that how you would feel?

Now I’m not talking about your existing, well-conditioned clients with committed and good habits, but new prospects in the month of December.

I would suggest in December you use a long trial promotion (like a 30 day trial) for your most aggressive price point, one that makes it feel as though they are getting the month almost for nothing.

In fact it can be creative and work well to run a “2 Months for the price of one” to lock them in for January too.

Many people will logically see, that they may work out a little in December, and now they’re all set for their New Year’s Resolution start and that they won’t need you after that (you and I know otherwise but we have to help them get started to see that.)

Early January is tricky for us in boutique and premium fitness, because the consumer still feels the financial constrains of the holidays, and even worse they’re governed by the “clean slate” mentality.

They are so inspired to workout on their own, and price sensitive that the inexpensive gym membership is much more appealing.

You know this to be true, as you’ve undoubtedly been faced with the “February Rush” of new clients that are frustrated and struggling. And the objection of, “well I don’t know if I can afford it because I just committed to this 2-year gym membership.”

So what do I suggest?

fitness marketing calendar

I just create a spreadsheet with the months and 4 weeks and begin to pencil in promotions in different mediums. Then goto work create all the needed resources in advance.

Here’s the action plan I’d recommend for marketing your fitness business through Christmas and into the New Year:

  • Extremely low cost trial or 2 for 1 special in December using PPC and small but steady daily budget.
  • Use a “Membership Giveaway” as a big budget optin through the holidays. Because of their price sensitive nature everyone would love to win and will trade an email, it’s a great chance to grow your list.
  • Run a New Year’s 6-week challenge. This is my favourite time to run a 6-week challenge as it fits the discounted, aggressive, start and stop mentality of the consumer and gives me the time to show them the value and need to stay.
  • Toward the end of January get your regular marketing calendar back on track and run a big budget short term trial to capitalize on the 91% of resolutioners that are now frustrated and looking for help.

Like any industry the fitness industry has ebbs and flows by the season, and coupled with unpredictable local and global economic factors those ebbs and flows will vary which is why you need a long-term plan. By having a set plan you can more effectively react when the plan doesn’t meet your expectation.

Wishing you the happiest of holiday seasons and much prosperity in the coming year.