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For the Ladies….

headshotI have been in this industry for about 8 years. I love what I do – somedays I think I am slightly addicted to my amazing career. I have been coaching in the 7 Figure Mastermind for what seems like an eternity (just kidding Cabel, it’s been a slice), I have watched some powerful and inspirational women rise and shine such as Shawna Kaminski and Lori Kennedy and I think its time we just chatted a little bit about the power of being a woman in this industry.The things I am going to say in this blog are going to be controversial. I may upset a few men out there – I may even upset a few woman but thats ok, controversial debate is often what broadens our horizons.

As a woman I have worked a 9-5, had a baby, lost 120 lbs, became a certified trainer, opened a training and nutrition business business, went back to school for 3 years, opened up an FBBC boot camp, became a 6 figure earner and now i’m onto my third enterprise of coaching and mindset mentoring. While I did all of this, I made sure homework was done, the leaves were raked, the dishwasher loaded (and actually turned on), sleepovers arranged and kick ass birthday parties created. I have made sure that anniversaries were not forgotten, offered shoulders to cry on, dropped everything for family emergencies and paid the bills.

I have done it all and I know many women out there, also have to do it all. Men, do not misunderstand me. I am not saying that we are forced into this, we actually CHOOSE to take on all these roles. We volunteer to wear all these hats because as women, we are the Queens of Multitasking. We have this incredible, amazing, wonderful ability to some how manage it all without spontaneously combusting (although some days we come close). We can go from Super Mom to Super Trainer in the blink of an eye (those who have ever had to calm a fussy baby while your in-home client finishes a 3rd set of push ups know what I mean).

Women in the fitness industry, women entrepreneurs and women following their dreams have an awful lot of responsibility to manage. Yes, we get lots of support and probably even more if we remembered to ask for it but the fact remains that even in 2014, we are more often than not the home maker, breadwinner and business owner.

Geez, we rock.

And so, I want to move forward in this blog with some words of encouragement to my fellow females.

I want you to remember a few things, things that mentors have taught me over the years and things that I cling to when times are less than easy:

You have unlimited energy. Yes you can train for 10 hours, set up a wicked marketing promo and then go look after your sick child before you clean up the kitchen. You have enough energy and resources at your fingers tips to get everything done.

You are powerful – you are powerful beyond what you can even realize at this moment in time. Don’t ever forget your power.
You can have everything you want in life and you can have it quickly. You can have the business, the home life, the money and the down time. You can have it all I promise. Just decide you want it and stop questioning whether you can have it.

Realize that you are not a man. Realize that we have an amazing journey of learning and expansion and that while we may see others charging towards their goals, we realize that we have children to raise or relationships to cultivate or weddings to plan in addition to the long term dreams. Will this slow you down….yea, maybe a little. Will you be a stronger and more well rounded person because of it…..ABSOLUTELY.and lastly

With our massive hearts and desire to look after the world, please remember to love yourself. I have spent many years caring for others including clients, friends, husbands and children, sometimes without too much care for myself. You are the #1 priority. Get over feeling selfish about spending more time on yourself. Do your workouts, get your calories in and go to bed when you should. In this industry we have to “be the product”. Ensure that you are keeping yourself happy and healthy. Focus on your needs each and every day.

Thanks for reading. I am sure this may have raised some eyebrows so please feel free to comment or

Questions can also be directed to that email address and I have some amazing resources in regards to mindset and energy if you are interested.

Till next time



Every day is a chance to turn it all around..

Every day is a chance to turn it all around..

headshot“You don’t need a new year to create a new you. You create yourself every day through better thought patterns, positive self talk, patience with your goals and understanding that you only attract back to yourself what you give out. If you can work a little bit every day on making yourself happier, then every day is the start of something amazing.”

I actually wrote this status update for all my training clients. I wanted them to know that they have the opportunity every minute of every day to make themselves a better person.

Well, this statement also rings true for entrepreneur in the Fitness Industry also. Every single day is an opportunity to turn it all around. I know, just by chatting with other successful fitness business owners and being connected to the 7 Figure Mastermind that December can be a lean month for all us fitness pro’s. You may have seen lower numbers this month. You may have seen less leads coming in the door, lost a few clients and seen fluctuations in your monthly revenue. I know I did. It is VERY easy to get caught up in the moment and start to worry about how you are going to survive the month, how you will pay all your bills and how you are going to stay afloat. Worrying is addictive. When you worry, you end up worrying more. Worry is like a magnet that attracts more worry. It sucks. Stop doing that.

Instead, make the decision to turn it all around. First all of all, change your mindset. Whether you worry or not, your problems will still be there. So, stop worrying and start doing. Make the decision to focus forward to a bright future and know that 2014 will be the best year yet.

If your numbers really don’t match up, do something about it. Can you put together a PIF sale? Can you do a reactivation project? Can you put together a cool charity event? There is always money to be made, infact, in this industry money is the least of your worries. How cool is that?

You have the opportunity every day to change your business. Stop worrying about numbers, especially in the dark days, and do something that will make you and your business shine.

Happy New Year – looking forward to a ridiculously successful 2014

Owner TM Training and Nutrition
Owner Whitby Fit Body Boot Camp

CHANGE – Life Without Limitations!

For some time I’ve come to think my journey as an entrepreneur is preparation for my next career of philanthropist. After all what could be a nobler calling in life than to work tirelessly to improve the world around you.

Anyways on a Saturday on a long weekend I just wanted to share with you something fun, something that has had a great deal of my attention this summer, and something I’m very passionate about.

Here’s the trailer to our upcoming documentary aptly called CHANGE.


The purpose of this film is simply to inspire others in the face of the physical limitations our society tells us that are difficult to overcome if not hopeless. These five individuals have shown that’s not so.

What a neat experience it’s been to work on this and I hope it’s only the beginning, but for the moment I hope it makes you smile, get’s you excited about all the lives you’ll change this fall and beyond, and set’s you in the mood for an inspired long weekend!

3 Easy Techniques To Be More Productive So You Can Make More Money

Screen Shot 2013-06-21 at 8.33.54 PMI have a guest post today from my friend and colleague Lori Kennedy. You may

remember Lori Kennedy – she is the Registered Holistic Nutritionist from Toronto.


We co-hosted the Wellness Business Summit this past March.

She has a few techniques on how you can be more productive so you can make more

money. As a mom of 2 young kids and the CEO of WOW! Weight Loss she has had to

work hard to be more productive and wanted to share some techniques with you.


By the way… even though she is a mom and a holistic health practitioner she still

enjoys making money and knows a thing or two about how to achieve BIG goals so

make sure you read what she has to say.


Take it away Lori…

Hi all,

Thanks for having me back on Profitable Personal Trainer Cabel!


Let me ask you a question: How frustrating is it that you have all of these ideas on

how to grow your business but can’t ever seem to find time implement them?


Even when you do you find time to work on your business you feel like you are

never being productive enough and are always being distracted by one thing or



Let’s face it, no matter who you are or how much money you may have, we all suffer

from the shiny object syndrome.


Maybe your shiny object is continuously taking courses so you can learn more about

a subject you probably already know a lot about or watching videos on how to

improve your social media funnel to get you more leads in 7 days or less or focusing

on getting more LIKES, more followers and more pins which typically does not equal

to more leads or money in your bank account.


My shiny object syndrome is rooted in reading too many tech marketing blogs

without really understanding the technology or even implementing it. I just like

reading about new tech platforms.


It’s like AA… Hi, my name is Lori Kennedy and I have shiny object syndrome that

prevents me from being productive.


I’ve implemented these 3 simple productivity techniques out of necessity. They have

become core principles around which I structure my day. Take my advice… choose 1

technique that resonates with you and implement it.


Work at it and stick by it come hell or high water. Then choose another and do the

same until you’ve cured yourself of the syndrome or at least have it lay dormant

most of the time.


Productivity Technique # 1 – Stop FINDING Time and Start Scheduling Time.

You will never find time… time will always escape you. Pick a platform that you

know you will use as a daily schedule.

I use Google calendar because I can share my calendar with my team. Use your

phone or even a paper calendar if that floats your boat.


Pick 2 – 60 minute time slots per week to work on customer service. Customer

service is the #1 thing that will drive your business forward.

What do you do during those 2 – 90 minute periods? CARE about your customers.

Write personal emails, Facebook notes, phone calls, hand written love letters or plan

customer service events.


Productivity Technique # 2 – Chunk Your Time.

Multi tasking robs you of time and creative flow. Stop doing three things at once.

Chunk or group like tasks together and schedule them for the same day.

For example, Fridays between 9am – 2pm are my filming days. I schedule my Skype

interviews, YouTube videos or webinars for Fridays.

I rarely make exceptions to this schedule except for webinars, which I also do

Wednesday evenings at 9pm EDT.

Think of the tasks you do on a daily basis and group them together. Answering

emails, posting on Facebook, doing research, writing fitness programs or filming


Set specific times to do each one of those activities. Take this one step further and

make sure that the chunks of activities are similar to each other so that you can flow

from one to the other.

An example of this is filming videos and having meetings in the same day instead

of having 1 meeting on Tuesday and another on Thursday and then filming Friday.

Both tasks require you to be on, up beat and more extroverted then you would be

when answering emails and posting on Facebook. So schedule them in the same day.

Chunk like tasks together and schedule them back-to-back to create a good flow.


Productivity Technique # 3 – Schedule CEO Time

Whether you own your own business or you are working for someone else you

MUST schedule CEO time and guard that time like a mama lion guards her cubs.

CEO time is when you focus on business development, networking with others

and reaching out to make new affiliate connections, nurture current business

relationships and work on product/program development.

This high level work that can and should only be done by you.

Go back to technique #1 and schedule CEO time. I have 2 – 90 minute blocks each

week where I work on business development and business outreach. Everyone on

my team knows when these two blocks are and they do not bother me.

You are the only one who can grow your business and if you don’t consistently focus

on business development you will always feel like you are running on a treadmill.


It’s time to pull out your schedule of choice and map out the next 30 days using

the techniques I just gave you. Let your team know when you are off limits to them.


Stick to your schedule no matter what… I meant it, no matter what. A schedule only

works if you follow it.


Leave a comment below and let Cabel and I know how we can better help you be

more productive. We’d love to help you out!

What’s the difference?

Yesterday at a team meeting I had a little coaching activity with my trainers.


I asked them if they cared about their clients and if so what things they did to show their clients that they care.


If you can’t say yes to caring about your clients it’s time for a career change, but how you express that is interesting.


You see even my trainers get complacent or comfortable, some of the answers were things like:


Giving them the service and value they expect, individualizing their training approach to what the client needs, understanding the clients expectations and setting appropriate goals and being on time.


Now these are all great things but then I asked them to identify whether each one met or exceeded the client’s expectations.


I think you see what I’m getting at is each item above is really only the basic expectation that should no matter what be part of our service.


A few answers that were given that I feel do fall into the “exceeds expectations category” were:


Sending extra text messages between appointments, working out outside the gym with a group of clients on a weekend, going the extra mile to send flowers at a time of grief or on a special occasion, sharing my own story to reinforce my client’s enthusiasm to commit.


Coincidentally these trainers also generate far more referrals and have fuller schedules than some of my other trainers.


Here’s my point, nothing above has anything to do with trainer skill, it has nothing to do with how much each person works. The primary difference is their way of thinking and addressing a common problem.


As an entrepreneur we face the same thing.


It’s easy to be bogged down working all the time, feeling like we’re doing a lot, but still struggling.


Yet other trainers make massive strides forward and become more and more successful.


The truth is the same as in my trainer example above, it has nothing to do with skill, contacts, how hard you work, or how much you work and everything to do with how you think.


I’m going to share my biggest weakness with you, I bet some of you can relate.


I grew up in a poor family, woe is me I had very little, the real problem with that is it conditioned me to think with scarcity. It conditioned me to believe that I had to work harder, that I couldn’t trust or rely on others, that it was wasteful to pay others for things that I could do myself.


By comparison my friend, mentor and colleague Bedros Keuilian who also grew up with nothing (in fact far worse than my own story) now runs multiple 7-figure generating corporations and he started as a simply trainer just as you and I.


It’s because of his guidance that my mindset has shifted slowly (I’m very stubborn slow learner) to realize that the answer to growing the business you want is not to work more, its not to work harder but rather to identify the little things (like the trainer examples above) that catapult you forward at lightning speed.


You can do this to, here what you need to learn:


  • To document systems that make it easier, cheaper and faster to repeat similar tasks and quickly evaluate the performance of your business.
  • To understand how marketing channels produce on a consistent basis and have a action plan that allows you to rinse and repeat rather than always creating.
  • To be fearless to “draw a line in the sand” and determine the value of an hour of your time and then delegate all tasks that you can pay someone less than that hourly amount to complete.


I never dreamed I’d be where I am today and now that I am I know how much more is possible and just how fast it can happen.


I now have coaching clients that have started from zero and exceeded six figures in 60 days, I’ve helped people buy their first home, stop living in their gym, hire teams in months, turned a 400 sq/ft basement business into multiple six-figures, helped multiple trainers move from sub-contract to their own studios and more.


We’ve repeated this plan so often it’s becoming more and more predictable and consistent to the point that I know if you’re still reading all of this you can do it too!


All it takes is one thing, the willingness to think different, trust in your peers, and take action.

Wellness DFY Marketing

Wellness DFY Marketing

home-marketingThe wellness business is much like the fitness or personal training business; the clients have the same behaviors and concerns. Usually you’re not their first attempt to overcome their present challenge and a healthy level of skepticism has them reluctant to commit to anything long-term.

As a result many wellness professionals (like personal trainers) find themselves selling short-term programs, small packages of sessions, and are frustrated because they’re business barely generates enough revenue to be considered a part-time “hobby.”

Don’t you think that our noble purpose is to help people? Yet traditional weight loss programs are far more profitable than those of the typical wellness professional or personal trainer and attracting thousand more people than we are, does that seem wrong to you?

Truly the missing component has more to do with us than a problem with traditional weight loss. As caring and compassionate professionals we’re good at helping people; that is until money is involved. We somehow think by not asking people to commit to long-term care, or leaving it up to them to self-direct the time we have to modify their behaviors that we are providing them the best service. Can you think of one instance where the people that communicated with you the most, on a regular basis, for an extended period of time didn’t get the best results? Of course not, so why would we ever think it was ok to reinforce the idea to our clients that a long-term commitment isn’t required? They clearly don’t know or they wouldn’t have sought us out.

This is what traditional weight loss is good at. They have taken a system or set way of doing things (hey we have that) and they’ve packages in a way that helps the customer long-term, and it just so happens that’s more profitable too. So if you can maintain your noble purpose, help people and live a good life too any reason not to?

That’s what I thought…

So here’s a little wellness promotion to get you started. The goal is to show you how we can engineer a method to use normal consumer behavior in a predictable format to drive people to take action on goals that they’ve been putting off for far too long.

As people we work off inspiration, without inspiration we will forever remain inside our comfort zone, we can help a lot more people if we can predictably inspire them to take the first step to help themselves.

It follows a consistent email promotion sequence to grab the attention of the impulse buyer, the analytical consumer and the procrastinator.

The final sold out email should be a valuable component of most if not all of your campaigns, if things fall short of plan and it’s not any where near full (doesn’t happen often but can) then don’t send the sold out email otherwise we may as well end on a note of conditioning the consumer to more promptly respond to the next promotion.

I’ve written the emails in a way that I hope most people can use them as is, just a simple cut and paste. It can always help to add more personal relevant details so don’t be afraid to edit those areas as well.

How to Run This:

Send out the emails on the days indicated one week before the official start date. Be majorly enthusiastic.

As you will read in the emails, there doesn’t have to be any big crazy difference, in fact the difference from what you’re doing now is likely that you have an ongoing commitment to these people in a set pattern of frequency for the next four weeks. With all that predictable and regular accountability just imagine how great the results can be…now imagine if they committed to you for 6-12 months?

About 2 ½ weeks into this program you should be talking to all of your clients about continuing with the same services on a monthly basis at the regular price. I suspect like personal trainers many wellness professionals are about a $1/min for service, or $60-70/hour on average. (If your more than be more, it’s good to be expensive.)

Assuming that you see your clients for 30-minute appointments we’re talking about 1.5 hours/week X 4 or 6 hours a month or approximately $420 month. I recommend offering them a deal to continue if they commit before the end of the program, like 25% off the first month and 10% off each extra month as a VIP discount. If you’re not comfortable with this then repeat this chant 10 times: “I will raise my prices because I am totally worth it.” Seriously though that’s the answer. If they say, “I’ll think about it.” Be sure to follow up, I’ll think about it is typical consumer fear that it might not work, you and I know better.

I know many of you will read this, get set to run it, and then start to lose your nerve and find all kinds of “reasons” why it won’t work, seriously just do it, hit send and say a prayer. I did the same thing, and this is why we need coaches and mentors too, but that’s another story.

Your awesome, you can do this and if you need more or need someone to push you in the pool come back to or as that’s what I’m here for. J

Always here to help,

Cabel “The Mechanic” The Profitable Personal Trainer

Email 1: Monday AM week prior to start.

Subject: Secret BETA Project (Are you in?)

I’m writing you today to let you in on a little secret. As people we’re all the same we all want the best results in the shortest time and we’re always looking for an easier way still.

As a wellness professional I’m always learning, and just like you I always want to figure out how I can help you get “there” faster and easier.

Recently I stumbled across something that will do just that. In fact I began applying it with a few of my clients immediately, the improvements were noticeable almost instantly.

(If you can include names and results of recent clients here could be even more powerful.)

I’m so excited about this I want to give it a real unbiased test (you know very scientific and all) so I need your help!

In fact I need the help of a small group of people to help me fully test this idea. Are you in?

All you have to do is be excited about losing between 5 and 15 lbs in the next 28 days, willing to follow my specific instructions and really put this new little secret to the test, I’m calling it my Secret BETA Project.

Can I count on you?

I mean really what do you have to lose? Maybe a dress size?

Wouldn’t it be great to fit into those “skinny jeans” hiding in the back of the closet?

Here’s the deal.

Since this isn’t 100% tested and proven (that’s what you’re gonna help me do) that’s why I need people not within my current training program. Additionally to make it a win-win you won’t pay my regular price, instead it’s only going to cost you a measly $97 bucks! Just like everything I do it’s guaranteed, so if it doesn’t work or your not happy with the result I’ll 100% refund your money.

Now because this is a BETA project I’m going to keep the group small so you can have my maximum attention. I’m looking for only 9 committed individuals that are serious about losing 5-15lbs in the next 28 days.

  • We’ll be meeting 3 days a week for the next 4 weeks. ***NOTE: Your services may not function like this please revise****
  • You may be required to complete additional workouts on your own that I’ll provide.
  • You must be super committed.
  • You must not have any specific travel plans that could cause you to miss sessions or make eating consistently really difficult.
  • You must not be a current client.
  • And to be fair to everyone so I can help as many people as possible you must not have taken advantage of any sale promotion in the last 60 days. (Sorry.)

If this sounds like you then hit reply right away because my Secret BETA Project is going to start next Monday and I suspect these spots are going to fill pretty quickly!

Always here to help,

(your name)

Email 2: Send Wed morning.

Subject: BETA Project Nearly Full! (wow!)

Wow! Ok I didn’t quite expect that kind of response.

Within a few hours a had a whole bunch of replies for the Secret BETA Project idea it seems a lot of people are really curious…and willing to be human guinea pigs!

But seriously, it seems a lot of people love the idea of testing out this new belly-busting secret to lose between 5 and 15lbs in the next 28 days.

I did get a couple of questions though…

Many people are wondering if they have to have tried a special diet or used any of my nutritional programs before. The answer, no, it’s good for anyone, regardless of what you’ve previously tried.

Others have been asking what exactly the secret is. Honestly, I’m sorry I can’t tell you; it would actually ruin the test. It’s 100% safe no crazy gimmick, not a supplement or anything like that. In fact it’s so simple you may not even realize it’s different at first so you just have to trust me.

In 28 days I promise you will both see and feel the difference.

So here’s the skinny, at this point 6 of the 9 available spots for the Secret BETA Project are full.

If you missed the last email definitely hit reply right now or call (your number) and let’s get you registered before the last couple spots are gone.

If you did miss the last email here’s the details again:

  • Starts next Monday (insert the date)
  • Runs for 28 days, 3 appointments a week.
  • You may be required to do a few additional things at home, which I’ll detail.
  • You must not be a current client. I need this to be independent of my current methods to really judge its effect.
  • You won’t pay anywhere near full price, it’s a fraction of the normal cost at $97 and still covered by my full money back guarantee for the whole program. (What on earth do you have to lose?)
  • You must be excited about the idea of losing 5-15lbs in 28 days.
  • You must not have any specific plans that will cause you to miss appointments or make it difficult to eat consistently. (I understand things can change so just no 2 week vacations please.)
  • If you were part of a recent promotion (in the last 60 days) sorry you’re not eligible, I want to help as many people as possible.

So with just 3 spots remaining hit reply or call (your number) and I’ll get you setup right away.

Always here to help,

(Your name)

P.S. (Add a comment about timing, as I write this we’re heading into EASTER so my PS might be “The Secret BETA project is the perfect solution for eliminating the guilt of an indulgent Easter, keep the family memories and forget the weight concerns! (oh and it’s guaranteed, are you crazy? What are you waiting for? Just kidding, hit reply if you’re ready for change.”)

Email 3: Send Thursday afternoon.

Subject: Last chance (Urgent, attn. required)

There’s just 1 spot left in my Secret BETA Project for some dedicated and determined person to lose 5-15lbs in the next 28 days. Is that you?

I need just one more person to add to my special test group for this new strategy that I’ve already seen melt fat like crazy in some of my current clients.

Here’s the details of the program from the last email one more time:

  • Starts next Monday (insert the date)
  • Runs for 28 days, 3 appointments a week.
  • You may be required to do a few additional things at home, which I’ll detail.
  • You must not be a current client. I need this to be independent of my current training methods to really judge its effect.
  • You won’t pay anywhere near full price, it’s a fraction of the normal cost at $97 and still covered by my full money back guarantee for the whole program. (What on earth do you have to lose?)
  • You must be excited about the idea of losing 5-15lbs in 28 days.
  • You must not have any specific plans that will cause you to miss appointments or make it difficult to eat consistently. (I understand things can change so just no 2 week vacations please.)
  • If you were part of a recent promotion (in the last 60 days) sorry you’re not eligible, I want to help as many people as possible.

With just one spot remaining this is totally first come first serve, so hit reply immediately, I’ll be looking at the time the email came in to see who gets the spot or you can call me directly at (your number.)

For everyone else already registered I’m pumped to see you on Monday!

Always here to help,

(your name)

Email 4: Send latish Friday evening

Subject: Secret BETA Project Sold Out!

It’s official the Secret BETA Project is totally sold out! Thank you to everyone who has jumped on board, I look forward to seeing you all next week and we’re gonna kick butt!

If you missed out on the Secret BETA Project I am so sorry (I had a few additional emails after that were sent after the final spot was filled) but don’t worry I’ll be in touch.

I always want to help everyone if I can and though this program is completely full I might be able to squeeze a few more people into my other programs. I’ll be in touch with something special for you or if you thinking now you’d really like to get started just hit reply and I can fill you in on the details.

Thanks everyone, you’re awesome!

(your name)

You Need to Attend Events!

owlAs I write this I’m 40,000 feet in the air on my way home from Fitness Business Summit 2013. I’ve been to this event every year since it’s inception in 2007 and this was the third time I’ve be honored by being asked to present.

Every year the event get’s big and the force multiplier of its effect is spectacular.

I always get excited about this event. The day I arrive I’m feeling good, unwinding from the day to day of running the business. I’m looking forward to seeing friends and colleagues and thrilled to think about all the great content that will be shared and especially the few light bulb tidbits I’ll walk away with.

And every year I’m shocked at what happens.

Every day it builds, by Sunday it’s bursting at the seams.

The positive energy of hundreds of people that have completely transformed; this may sound ridiculous but it’s absolutely true and I guarantee it will happen to you if you attend quality events.

You see you think this event is about business, and tools, tips, and tricks to build a bigger/better one, but it’s so much more than that.

The event draws together the energy of hundreds of people with a spark of a very special emotion, desire.

As the event winds on that spark of desire ignites into a raging bonfire and hour-by-hour you can feel it. The aura of optimism, of will, the raging fire of desire, dreams, ideas, passion and support is overwhelming.

You can’t help but leave and be more enthusiastic, more productive and indestructible in the face of adversity for a time.

It amazes me how many personal trainers I meet that don’t make an active effort to attend live continuing education events or any kind of life personal development workshop. I realized this year that with all the success I’ve had even I have not effectively taken advantage of what live events can do for my business. I highly recommend you attend something at least every 90 days.

Continual Forward Momentum

Continual Forward Momentum

Batch Processing and a Distraction Eliminated

I’m on my way home from Fitness Business Summit. As usual I am completely energized and ready to conquer the world…again.

It’s easy to feel completely revved up only to be left completely burnt out before the end of the week.

That’s why it’s critical to understand how-to manage your time.

There are three rules to time management, the more I learn the less negotiable I think these are (let’s face it there are a lot of different opinions on time management.)

  1. Create the “to-do” list the night before.

There’s a big difference between planning your list the night before and first thing in the morning so make sure you understand.

If you haven’t already read Psycho Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz you should (or get the audiobook). Dr. Maltz talks a lot about the “theatre of the mind” and that is exactly why you must set your list the night before.

burnoutBy creating your to-do list the night before your subconscious mind works all night without you rapidly looking for solutions the next morning. You’ll begin the day immediately productive and avoid early emotional burnout. You likely have never considered but it takes a massive amount of emotional resources to create your to-do list in the morning. You’re forcing your brain to be creative, problem solve and organize a series of tasks all in rapid succession; this is a difficult and demanding series of tasks.

  1. Complete the hardest thing first.

Doing anything else only fosters a behavior of avoidance. When you set a habit that says it’s ok to avoid certain things you will avoid more things until only the difficult tasks remain. When this happens you’re at a roadblock, you’ll be wasting hours on facebook, Harlem Shake videos and other things that are sapping your ability to succeed quickly.

What’s more if you’ve created your list the night before your subconscious mind will have worked all night to ensure that the “hard” task is not as hard as it otherwise would have been.

  1. Batch process.

It takes time to focus on any task. A good example is creative work, if you’re like me it doesn’t come naturally. It would be a terrible waste to move on to something completely different after writing this blog post, I’ve stimulated the creative centres in my brain in an effort to have words flow to a page. I’ll write several more blog posts or articles of content before moving on to something else. Don’t believe me? Measure. Write a 500 word article and move on to a different task. Later today or tomorrow write another article and record the time. After doing this several times pick a day, block off a few hours and write the same number of articles, you’ll find by writing them all at once it will take far less time.

Last but not least there’s what I call a conditional 4th rule, don’t beat yourself up if you don’t make it through your list.

Now you have to be a little honest with yourself. If you’re not engaged in productivity at least a few hours a day then you may have to consider how serious you are about your goals. However if you are managing a few dedicated hours each day (and this can be different every day) and the list doesn’t get completed, don’t worry about it, make tomorrows list and rinse and repeat.

The point is the only thing that makes really successful people really successful is their ability to continue with forward momentum. If you only managed to complete one substantial task in a week you’d be far ahead of the majority of the world.

400 Square Feet, 20 Clients, $48, 000 Case Study

400 Square Feet, 20 Clients, $48,000 (Case Study)

I have a really inspiring story to share with you today. This story is personal for me
because I know how hard it can be to achieve success, especially when you have
very limited resources.

It was Lori who introduced me to Misty who has since become one my top coaching

Misty is a WOW! Practitioner.

She owns TM Training and Nutrition and a Fit Body Bootcamp, which she is in the
process of opening.

She is also 6 feet tall. Think of how I feel when standing beside her 🙂

Lori introduced me to Misty because she knew I could help her. After all, I am ‘The
Mechanic’. I fix broken fitness businesses.

She was struggling with her personal training studio. I started working with Misty in
June 2012 and was making generating $6,000 a month in revenue. As of March she
has tripled her revenue to $18,000 in fitness sales.

The story I want to share isn’t about how Misty is kicking ass with her personal
training studio. It isn’t about how she started her Bootcamp and quickly filled all the

The story I am honored to share is about how anything is possible, even when you
have to run your nutrition business out of your living room.

Take a couple of minutes and watch this video.

Lori Kennedy, CEO of WOW! Weight Loss Inc. interviews Misty about her additional
revenue stream that has allowed her to bring in an EXTRA $48,000 per year in

You don’t want to miss the part where Misty shares her #1 tip for generating loads
of new leads.

After you are done watching, send me an email and let me know how you plan to
make extra money this year.


Click HERE
to find out more information about the upcoming WOW! Certification
and how you can bring in $48,000 in profit from a turn-key nutrition program.

A Distraction Eliminated

A Distraction Eliminated

funny_road_signDo you use Facebook to grow your business?


Facebook, in my opinion, is one of the most robust marketing channels to quickly grow your business, and to automatically access a massive audience.


If you don’t have a fanpage for your business start one.


Once you start a fanpage it’s important you complete all areas. If you really want to set it up right I would really urge you to have a look at the Facebook Funnel by my good friend Josh Carter. (Josh is a highly trusted facebook expert in our industry and beyond.)


Once you have all areas complete it’s time to start your content stream. It’s critical you create a continual flow of interaction on your fanpage. It’s a real living, breathing community for your business.


Each day I’d commit to the following:

  • At least one positive status update or point of interest to your community.
  • At least one tip or piece of value for your audience.
  • At least one positive comment or recent success about a client or someone you know relating to your business.


When you’re making posts on your fanpage it’s been proven time and time again that posting an image with your update provides a much greater amount of interaction.


The more interaction you can stimulate the more people who will visit your page and the greater potential you’ll have to use it as an automatic lead attraction source.


Now every few weeks I’d suggest you also post an optin, if you don’t know what an optin is this is something of value you’re offering your audience for free in exchange for their email address. Free reports, videos and ebooks are very common.


In addition to optins every few weeks you might also post short term offers in an effort to stimulate immediate contac with new prospects and of course sales. (Afterall there should be a purpose to our facebook time.)


Ok now here’s something really cool I finally learned (thank you Shawna Kaminski and maybe many of you already know this.)


Batch process your facebook. Seriously facebook is all about interruption, and they are so good at it. I know I need to do all this stuff I’ve mentioned on facebook but I’ve went through periods where I’ve been really consistent and not so consistent because I know I’m going to be distracted while I’m there and it saps my productivity.


You can now cue facebook posts in advance, at the bottom of your status box is a little (easily missed) link that will allow you to choose the year, month, day, hour, and minute you’d like your post to appear.


Eliminate one of the ultimate distractions by chunking this task and preparing days in advance so you don’t need to spend much time on facebook.