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How to Raise 1.3 Billion Dollars (True Story)

How to Raise 1.3 Billion Dollars (True Story)

You can own a piece of the Maple Leafs at

More real than even I believed.


Is your own inability to wrap your mind around something so big it seems seemingly ridiculous holding you back? If you answered no to that question good for you because like my very good friend Darren Thompson you are completely fearless. You can accomplish pretty much anything without fear, doubt or any worry whatsoever. If you are like me and answered yes, maybe, or I’m not sure, than this story and life lesson is for you.

On March 13 I received the text message from Darren you see on the left, I chuckled and put my phone down and thought it was some kind of joke. Now you should understand that first off I love hockey but man…I hate the Maple Leafs. Second Darren is one of my very best friends for a few reasons, for one he’s one of those obnoxiously happy people that never ever seems to be rattled by the inconveniences that life throws at us (except maybe this one time when I received this odd voicemail with a profane slip where Darren was somewhere on Glenmore Trail in Calgary I think, I tried to save this voicemail for all prosperity in the anomaly that it was but somehow it was mysteriously deleted from my phone anyways…we now know he is at least human), him and I also connect very well by both being afflicted by something Darren’s wife has labelled, “Squirrel Disease.” You see we’re both guilty of being idea factories. We talk for 30 minutes and have no less than 3, million dollar ideas, we run constantly in many different directions constantly wishing we had an army of clones to realize them all, then laugh about it and start all over again. Though Darren is definitely the winner when it comes to radical, stretch the limits of your belief ideas, his vision has had us discussing buying private jets, chartering cruise ships (both which I might add can realistically come to fruition) and now buying an NHL franchise.

None the less, all of this history of crazy ideas between us and when I received that text message I still was like, “whatever Darren, what kind of silly joke is this? Yes I know Calgary is not likely going to make the playoffs.” I didn’t even know the Maple Leafs were for sale. Reluctantly I logged on to Facebook to click “like” on the Own the Leafs Fanpage thinking, ok whatever this silly idea is it will fizzle and die in just a couple of days.

A week later I received more text messages, Darren had now been picked up nationally, this small Leduc businessman was spanning the sports page to the front page of just about every major newspaper from coast to coast, and he’s had dozens of radio interviews, TV interviews and is now in contact with “major players” coast to coast on a pretty much daily basis. There is so much more I’ve been told in confidence that I wish I could share but let’s just say the Ontario Teacher’s Association, the current majority shareholder of the Toronto Maple Leafs is taking Darren a lot more seriously than I initially did. With little more than a crazy idea and the true belief that you can do anything he’s effectively on the road to (here’s the best part) EASILY raising over a billion dollars to allow you, me and all of Canada to own a share of our true national pastime and one of its most coveted original franchises; the Toronto Maple Leafs. Now in case your are drawing any assumptions here it’s fair to clarify that this isn’t happening because Darren is one of the wealthy who’s who that does this sort of thing because he feels like it, he didn’t have a rolodex of top contacts that would allow him to easily organize and pull this off with nothing more than a few phone calls, in fact none of this has anything to do with the operations of his normal successful business. His primary tool in this escapade was simply to recognize an emotional connection within himself and to shout at the top of his lungs to see if there was an audience that shared a similar belief. Additionally, and more importantly, he is completely free of the limiting beliefs that we all place on ourselves that lets the world, our peers or more often just our inner selves dictate what is or isn’t possible.

Own the Toronto Maple Leafs hockey club at“If you think you can or you think you can’t you are probably right,” my favourite quote by Henry Ford.

I am so thankful to be surrounded by someone as obnoxiously happy as Darren, someone who doesn’t step forward as the macho kid on the block but when you really know him you learn that he is truly fearless and believes anything is possible. If you bring even a fraction of that to your business you will accomplish anything you wish.

I am delighted to say that Darren should be in attendance this weekend with Bedros and I at the Profitable Personal Trainer Workshop and we will work to ensure he has a few minutes to share his belief stretching fearlessness with you all.

5 Critical Steps to Double Your Income

5 Critical Steps to Double Your Income

Look, I know building a successful business is hard, especially as a solo personal trainer. You have to wear a lot of hats, you have to work a lot of hours and it’s really easy to begin doubting yourself at every turn. But ask yourself this…if you could double or triple your current monthly income in the next 12 weeks can you suck it up and do it?

Last week on a coaching call one of my coaching clients told me that in the month of March he earned more income than he had at any job in his entire life. This call marked week 11 for him in my coaching program, in March he earned over $6000. That may or may not impress you but now know that 11 weeks ago he was earning only about $1000/mth, and the biggest difference of all, not only did he earn 6 times as much but thanks to business systems his monthly income is now almost guaranteed to be consistent and/or increasing.

Here are the things you need to do to achieve this also:


Sometimes Milo and I take such massive action we also just need a little time to hang out. But isn't being able to take that time worth working for?

1)      Have a burning desire. Yup, you’ve heard it all before in every success book out there but it’s true. If you don’t have a burning desire, if you’re not a 10 of 10 for serious about your objective it isn’t going to happen.

2)      Take massive action. Yup, that’s the big one right there, first comes the desire, but desire without action is still useless. I know it’s easy to feel insecure, I know it’s easy to be filled with self-doubt and those things together make it really easy to procrastinate. Even when you’re not sure of what you should be doing you need to just be doing anyways. Whether it’s writing content for your website, setting up a facebook fanpage, sending emails, creating offers, organizing your budget, trying to figure out how to track retention or how to build your list any action at all will be valuable.

3)      Develop your self-image. If you’re not worth hundreds of millions of dollars today (and likely even if you are) you need to work on your self-image. Your self-image is the only thing separating you from the Bill Phillips’, the Bill Gates’ and the Mark Zuckerbergs’ of the world. If you want to be financially free you have to understand that you are worth it, that what you are doing, selling, building is worth it. If you will never be worth anything more than the value you place upon yourself. Go to and buy Maxwell Mallz, Psycho Cybernetics audio, it will be one of the best 30 bucks you’ve ever spent.


Some of my coaching clients totally get hanging out with the people they wish to emulate as they attended Bedros' Fitness Business Summit.

4)      Surround yourself with people you wish to emulate. I can’t even begin to tell you the power of surrounding yourself with people more successful than you are. If you can’t find these people hire them. Every year I spend more than my two years of college education cost to be coached and hang out with people more successful than I am, and it’s easily worth double, triple or quadruple that cost. You spend enough time around them and it not only reinforces your self-image, you not only learn shortcuts to building your business, but you simple begin to develop the characteristics of that level of success and will quickly find yourself there.

5)      Create a system. Last but most definitely not least, the solid, tangible brick and mortar to the four points above. Each course of action within your professional life needs to follow a system. Start by setting yourself a weekly schedule, set aside certain hours each week for documenting systems, for marketing and most importantly for continual sefl-education. Remain consistent. Additionally create checklist and systems for all areas of your business, begin to correlate them with simple math to quickly analyze the outcomes. Even if the checklists are vague and inaccurate at first by repeating the same steps over and over again you will refine them saving yourself time and preparing you to be able to delegate many responsibilities to other people, the key to building the business and freedom you deserve.

There you have it; those are the 5 critcal steps to getting anything you want. Don’t over think it or over complicate it, just do it!