The amazing business transformations from my coaching program.

You showed me that my town is no different than others, size doesn’t matter, service does.

You showed me that my town is no different than others, size doesn’t matter, service does.

When I came to the coaching program in November, I had a small following and was teaching boot camp style classes at the local elementary school, a local sports center, and driving to private homes for personal training sessions.  I had no idea how to increase my clientele and develop a business. I was doing what I saw others do…hanging posters, fliers, putting small ads in the local paper, and wondering how in the world to make this work.

I possessed the excitement and drive to build a business but got easily overwhelmed and had no idea what to focus on.  My clients weren’t bringing in referrals and the town I am in is a mere 800 people in population.

fusionfitnessComplete  Marketing and sales matter.  Being the best and over-delivering matters.  Systems matter.  Persistence matters.

I can’t begin to thank you enough for your willingness to share your business knowledge, your willingness to always meet me where I am and give me the encouragement I need, your endless patience, and most of all your never ending belief in me, and refusing to let me fail.

Check out this link to a press release written by an editor at the local paper: http://mountaintimes.info/news/important-community-bulletins/2014/05/fusion-fitness-expands-to-new-location/

I am grateful for your coaching services and I look forward to working with you again.

All the best,

Amy Lewis

AL-IMG_9916January 2015 update:

Since joining the 7 Figure MasterMind group in October I’ve experienced many changes/growth in myself and my business. I appreciate this opportunity to look back and see what I’ve accomplished in this short time.

November revenue up 42% over October!

December revenue up 41% over November!

Increased to my email contact by 31% in the last two months. This included website and ad opt ins along with event email captures.

I am discovering that the more I relax about the income and focus more on honing my copywriting skills, and closing clients skills, the more things flow. I have discovered that getting out in my small town, stepping out of my comfort zone and actually talking with people helps to spread the word and increase awareness surrounding fitness, and therefore inquiries about my services. I often feel shy, but have stepped out and started striking up conversations with folks asking lots of questions about them so I can learn more about people and then I don’t have to talk too much, either. 😉

Although I am working on my tracking skills, (money, contacts, ads, etc.) I realize that the fear of the unknown is much worse than writing it all down and creating a plan as a result. I’ve created a marketing calendar through September and have set up autoresponders for my January programs.

My confidence is building, I no longer jump at every prospect, I truly wait to see if we are a fit for one another and have actually turned folks down telling them I don’t think it’s a fit. In one instance I quoted a high price as a deterrent, and they PIF for the custom program. I’ve also met with my landlord who was attempting to push me into an agreement that I was not comfortable with, and we are still in negotiations. Being willing to walk away from the space (with temporary solutions in mind) has enabled me to free myself of the emotions that hold me back.

I’ve hired a part time assistant and am in the process of training an instructor/coach. I never thought I’d want to give up coaching sessions, I now see the value of getting out of the studio and into the office to focus on the marketing end of things. I’ve developed my skills in copywriting and it shows in the sign ups I’ve had from my most recent ads. In a small town, there’s a much smaller pool of people to promote to, however folks are talking and that is key. I have community members interested in my success, and helping me out with renovations and spreading the word about the studio. Word of mouth is key.

Finally, I scheduled this trip to San Diego which means leaving my husband and 2 children for 5 days. This is a big deal for everyone, and I am totally stepping out of my comfort zone to travel alone, and get to this MM meeting. I am more and more stepping out of my comfort zone with travel, creating videos, ads, copywriting. I no longer feel paralyzed with fear or not knowing what to do next. I welcome the discomfort as a sign that I am on to big things. I am more and more trusting my gut and doing my best to improve myself and my business.

I have a long way to go, for sure, but have come a long way in these few months, and look very much forward to continued growth. I can only imagine what the next year will bring, and look forward to meeting this out and making a clear, concise plan for continued personal and financial growth.

Coach’s note: Amy’s progress in the last 90 days was so substantial by peer vote she was crowned the victor the January masterminds business transformation challenge. I think it’s important to mention Amy is in a small town of just a few thousand people, non-traditional success in a non-traditional market, so proud of Amy.

I laugh about my former marketing strategy of "We're open...so people will come in."

I laugh about my former marketing strategy of “We’re open…so people will come in.”

dan-kateKathryn and I attended our first MM in Vegas over the weekend and in my hot seat I explained to the group how the first time I did this with you back in NYC in October, I was damn near in tears explaining the state of my business. It was abysmal. Cabel used a phrase that resonated with us at the time, we were “making money and miserable.”
Nowadays, we’re still making money (more even) but it’s not at the cost of our freedom, our happiness and our life. In fact, I recall some of your facebooks ads saying something like “attract tons of clients, earn more money, have more freedom” and you think to yourself, damn this is no better than those earn-thousands-while-you-work-from-home ads. And I am someone who’s business is rooted in personal development. The business is called Motivators…and I couldn’t get over those personally limiting beliefs.
So the reason I’m emailing you is first, to thank you. The business systems have, of course, had a huge impact on our growth in the last 3 months. But the largest change Bedros and the thing you’ve had the most impact on is not in our sales, marketing and client retention, but instead it’s the change in myself, particularly on my mindset. Truth be told, any change I’ve had in business management seem to be the mere byproduct of a change in personal management. And the connection between the two cannot be understated. That if there is one thing you can focus on to help more people, let it be that. The idea that every business, team, country or organization is a reflection of its leader. Everything trickles down – culture, values and mindset. That if a business owner thinks shitty, lo and behold he has a shitty business. If a CEO is honest and values driven, you’ll see that manifested in the organization. In my estimation, that idea alone is worth the monthly investment. That the success-minded individuals in the group remind you what success looks and sounds like and that to my initial surprise, they’re no different than me.
And so when family/friends ask about the coaching, yes, I laugh about my former marketing strategy of “We’re open…so people will come in.” I tell them how now our marketing is based on a funnel with specific stages. But the thing I never fail to mention…the most honest statement I can make and the thing that’s undergone the most dramatic change, is that formerly I believed that money, freedom and success were for the next guy. That that was an exclusive club of people that knew something I didn’t…and I suppose they did. They simply knew they could have all those things. So now when I think about money, freedom and success, all I can think is… God help you should you stand in my way.
Thank you!
Daniel Aleksa – www.MotivatorsPT.com

How My Business Has Changed Since the Last Mastermind Meeting (90 days!)

How My Business Has Changed Since the Last Mastermind Meeting (90 days!)

metra-lundyMetra Lundy – http://www.kineticsnj.com

On November 15, 2013 I called my office manager to set up a meeting to discuss our financials.  Like every month, I wanted to know where we were with our monthly revenue goals; whether or not we are on budget for payroll; and if there was some way that we could save more.  It turned out that we were on board to earn $28k more than the numbers had previously shown.  There were two major differences, 1) we’d run our very first Fit Pro Connect email marketing promotion using the “done for you” marketing broadcast. That promotion brought in 20 new clients; of the 20 new clients, 6 clients signed on for longer term contracts.  In addition, both my personal training and group fitness training rates were increased which of course increased. Since the last Mastermind, I’ve realized that Fit Pro Connect not only keeps you in contact with current and new audiences but it can help to earn revenue.  We are currently in the middle of our second email marketing campaign, 14 Day Flat Belly Detoxification.

For organization purposes, I’ve always had a monthly marketing list in place.  At the last Mastermind meeting Cabel recommended that we create a chart style plan organized by action item and month. His suggestion for creating a marketing plan has been less overwhelming because it excludes the details of the events (which I now record on a different document after the plan is created).  To date, I’ve completed my first and second quarter plans.

It’s funny how one small recommendation can make a huge change in the way that we do business.  It has taken me two Mastermind meetings and several coaching calls to figure out where my business is weakest.  The “Set, Show, Close” report has helped bring clarity to my biggest challenge, lead generation.  We just hadn’t been setting enough appointments. In 2013 we facilitated only 44 consultations of which 28 showed, 16 were no shows, and 23 purchased services.

Since the last Mastermind meeting, I am more comfortable with the business that I’m in.  I’ve experienced several marketing paradigm shifts that have helped me to earn $219K in 2013.  Both my gifts and weakness are apparent to me and my goal is of earning 1 million dollars by the close of 2015 feels possible.

Taking a step into the unknown seems to be manageable with Cabel’s advice…

Dustin Bogle  –  http://www.kokomofitness.com

The coaching program is some of the best money I’ve ever invested.  I got so many valuable answers from Cabel and Bedros about how to market to increase our revenue. The LIKE, SHARE and WIN Facebook promotion recommended by Cabel got 100 shares and eventually lead to an added $3,000 a month. The webinars helped me to get a tremendous amount of weight off my shoulders (Bedros is a good spot, haha) by helping us get more organized and systemized.

Coaching calls with Cabel were essential in answering concerns we had before opening our second location. Our first location is family owned and operated and I want to kill them all. JUST KIDDING! Taking a step into the unknown (employees, YIKES!) seems to be manageable with Cabel’s advice. Our next location opens this summer. Thanks Bedros and Cabel. You guys ROCK!

I'm a great trainer like anyone else, but I had no clue how to run a successful business...

I’m a great trainer like anyone else, but I had no clue how to run a successful business…

priscilla-mPriscilla Montgomery – https://www.facebook.com/P3FitnessTemecula

Hey Cabel, Priscilla here… (do I sound like Bedros?) that’s how I send out all my emails now 🙂

I’m super excited to meet up with you guys next week! And finally meet you…thanks for all the support these past few months.

I’m a great trainer like anyone else, but I had no clue how to run a successful business, I started my business out of the trunk of my car with some bands, mats and weights (a lot of fun to lug around) and running a bootcamp down at the park for some of my mom friends.  (Also a lot of fun in the muddy grass) I finally saved enough money to convert my 2-car garage into a studio. Which I’m really proud of and enjoy. Still, having little to no courage to charge top dollar for my great service (after all, how does my little garage compare to the fancy gym down the street) but I closed my eyes, held my nose and did it any way.

I started charging $149-197 per month for 3 weekly bootcamp sessions.  I also got all my clients on an EFT program and signing contracts.  I did this because you told me to and I’m so thankful that I took your advice and ran with it!!!!! OOOO, and I even hired a awesome trainer who is more than happy to take over the evening sessions which allows me more time to hang out with my kidos.  I love that!!!

I would have NEVER been able to think up of all theses business, marketing strategies or systems, which allow me to continue moving towards a bigger goal. I now make 5 times as much as I used to, I only run bootcamps, no more one-to-one training, which allows me to work smarted and not harder. I feel so much more confident and hopeful about my future and know that it’s because of your support and knowledge.  Best of all I have certainty in the fitness industry, it’s no longer a hobby but a profitable profession that I’m proud to be a part of – THANKS TO YOU  – You guys ROCK!!!!

Many Blessings, P

TO GROW A PAIR OF BALLS and take my business to the next level!

TO GROW A PAIR OF BALLS and take my business to the next level!

jeremie-gJeremie Guarderas  www.ThunderFitness.net

I joined the coaching program for one reason – TO GROW A PAIR OF BALLS and take my business to the next level, which is opening a facility of my own!  I am 30 years old and have been an independent contractor since 2007!  I have been playing it safe for nearly 7 YEARS!!!  Don’t get me wrong, I have been growing but not nearly as fast as I expected to when I decided to start my own business.  I mean I thought I would be making so much money that I would be yelling at every fitness pro in the industry

“F.U try and catch up”

I was wrong…  DEAD wrong…

Until now….

We all know Bedros is the King of this industry, but what I didn’t know was how much “holy shit information” I was going to get from Cabel!  I mean this guy knows his stuff!

I literally went from getting 2 – 5 leads a month (good thing I’m good at retaining) to 15 – 20 leads a month!!

I had one conversation with Cabel and 2 weeks later, I got 12 new hot leads then 7 more the following week!! 15 decided to join my promotion (which was for $149)!  That’s $2,235 bucks off one conversation!  Talk about a RUSH!

I knew at that point I have found a gem…

My January numbers are up $2,400 from last year, February is up $1,900 plus the $2,235 from the first promo…  And these are the worst months of the year for independent trainers!

My wife and I TRULY want to thank Bedros and Cabel for helping me find my balls!

I have decided since I have these new shiny balls, I am ready to open a facility of my own this summer!


Fast forward 16 months and I have 2 locations and am on pace for my first ever $50k month!

Fast forward 16 months and I have 2 locations and am on pace for my first ever $50k month!


David Bostik www.transformpersonaltraining.com

I started working with Cabel in June of 2012 and at that time I had 1 location and we did $20,000/mth in business. Fast forward 16 months and I have 2 locations and am on pace for my first ever $50k month. But let’s go back to the beginning.

In June of 2012 I had 3 trainers working for me and had what I thought was a successful business and I was doing better than I ever thought possible as a personal trainer. The first thing Cabel helped me fix was my tracking and metrics. For anyone that knows Cabel, he is a numbers machine and can tell you at any given point his set, show, and close percentage. I had no idea and when he first asked me what my close percentage was I paused and said ‘Maybe 50%?’ with a questioning tone. Cabel showed me how to track all of this and most importantly IMPROVE upon it.

On 10/9/12, a little over 3 months after working with Cabel I sent him an email saying I was having trouble breaking the 26k mark. He took the time to analyze my business, ask me tons of questions, and found what was missing. We fixed a couple things, tweaked a couple more and in January of 2013 we did $30,903 in sales. I was able to increase that to $40,728 just 5 months later in June of 2013. So I basically doubled my business revenue in a 1 year time frame.

I was ready for my next big step of opening a 2nd location at this point; but I was terrified of the thought. So of course I contacted Cabel and he helped push me to make the move I know I needed to make.

So here we are today. I have 7 trainers, an assistant, and we are about to hit $50k for the first time ever with a goal of $60k set for June of 2014 making a 300% growth in 2 years. Thank you Cabel!


I went from a monthly auto pay income of $247 to over $5000 in just 2 months!!

joel-danfordJoel Danford www.oceanviewfitness25.com

I have a small business run by me only (which is changing as I speak) it has changed a total 180, from where I was in just four months ago.  I am beyond containment of how you guys have helped me, so I will start off by telling you some small numbers.  Keep in mind that these numbers are very small compared to bigger studios but to me they mean the difference of my business having a 100% growth rate from when I started this program.

1. I went from a monthly auto pay income of $247 to over $5000 in just 2 months!!  That in itself blows my mind.

2. I increased my prices over 15%

3. My retention rate is up over 90% after following the advice on our coaching calls and webinars.

4. My market funnel has tripled in numbers, bringing in over 3 times the amount as before.

5. My Relationship with other business has grown to a working partnership where I have been referred over and over.

6. My freedom and quality of life has been increased dramatically.

7. My client Conversion rate is over 90% (Out of the last 20 promotion prospects I have closed 16, and 2 of the 4 that I didn’t were because of work related injuries)

8. I have learned how to and have sold over five, 1 Year long programs!!  Seriously??  I never thought I could do that before. (Bedros’ Close Clients is Awesome. If you don’t have it you are missing out on a lot of money and freedom.)

9. I now have learned and am implementing the blueprint for letting others train so that I can grow the business and do the 5% that I do best, which is sell what I am passionate about.

10.And the most important thing of all to me is that now I can focus on delivering the results and passion to my clients instead of trying to stay afloat in the business side. My dream of helping people was never quite 100% real because of the stress of money and staying alive but now I can reach full potential in my passion as a result of better business strategies.

Like I said before, this has been a total 180 for me.

If I could list all of the things that have changed and that I have learned from this program I would go on all day, so for now I will just send you these major progress steps. Looking back this was the best $$$ that I have ever spent.

This is beyond my expectation of what I would learn from you. So, from a Passionate personal trainer to these 2 awesome coaches, Bedros and Cabel, you inspire me and keep me growing!  Thank-you.

If I could start over, I would have definitely hired Cabel before starting my business

If I could start over, I would have definitely hired Cabel before starting my business

Stephanie Dignan www.thebootcampgirl.comstephanie-photo

The great thing about working with Cabel is having the opportunity to be coached by a successful fitness business owner who understands the frustrations and challenges of running a boot camp.  When I started my business 5 years ago, I figured out everything out on my own since I didn’t know anyone else who ran a boot camp.  I knew that I needed coaching from someone who had the right mind set and successful track record.  The one-on-one coaching structure from Cabel also gave me the accountability to get things done which is making my business more profitable.

Since working with Cabel, I have improved many areas of my business.  I have recently placed lead boxes in the community.  It was so much easier having his instructions and design work so I didn’t have to figure it out myself!   It only took a few days to get some qualified leads and new appointments.  Cabel also emailed me a manual with step-by-step instructions for so many processes; I was blown away by how much work was put into this!  He also shared step-by-step videos about how to sign up a new prospect. There is so much information in the resources that he shared that it would take me years to put all of this together. Through his suggestions I changed my prospect script which has saved my appointment setter time and made the process easier. The payout structure for trainers has been changed to reward them for generating referrals which is a win/win since they can earn more and my business becomes more profitable. I was concerned about making some of these changes but his rationale made sense and now my business is stronger because of it.

If I could start over, I would have definitely hired Cabel before starting my business.  This would have made life easier and lead to quicker success.  There’s no reason to figure everything out on your own when someone has already done that.  Cabel was really great to work with and I got the feeling that he really wanted to help.  He responded quickly to emails and answered all questions and was very open to sharing all of the information about his business that related to my questions. I highly recommend Cabel as a coach to help make your life easier, to make a greater net income and to become successful more quickly.

In the first month of the coaching, my revenues grew 400%! (And even more since)

In the first month of the coaching, my revenues grew 400%! (And even more since)

annaI am so grateful for the opportunity to join this program. At the time it was offered, I had been following Bedros and Cabel for about eight months, so I knew what they were about and how they were already helping my business grow. When I saw the email for the Fitness Business Accelerator program, I immediately signed up—zero hesitation. I started seeing results from the very first webinar, and even better results starting with my first one-on-one coaching session.  In the first month of the training, my revenues grew 400%. I made more money in that first month than I had ever made in a single month in my whole life, even when I was working my old corporate job. It was so much money, in fact, that my next coaching session with Cabel dealt with my feelings about suddenly making so much and how to deal with the insecurity that that maybe it was a one-time fluke (it wasn’t).

The best parts of this program are that you realize that every single problem you have in your business is normal. And every single problem is solve-able in a way that takes about five minutes for them to explain. Just like I ask my clients to step out of their comfort zone and trust my fat-loss process, Cabel and Bedros repeatedly asked me to step out of my comfort zone and trust their business success process. I remember two times where this was pretty scary—the first time Cabel said, “Anna, you HAVE TO trust me on this.” I was still scared and wasn’t fully committed to pulling the trigger on what he said to do (raising my prices—a LOT). The next day I was telling a client who was afraid to eat carbs, “Mrs. Jones, you HAVE TO trust me on this.” It clicked. I immediately raised my prices almost double. Two weeks later, I signed FIVE TIMES more clients than I had ever signed in one month. It was stunning. I was actually on vacation, sitting on the beach, sent out the email, and within 48 hours I had 65 paid-for clients signed up for my six week program.
I’m sold. This works. Period.
January 2015 Update:
Back in September, my marching orders were to figure out my finances, know my margins, and to create culture in order to reduce attrition in the program. I gave myself three weeks to do the finances and the full 4 months to really nail down the culture. Ha! Little did I know…
The finances were hard because I didn’t really understand what I was needing to look at or how it would really affect my business. I was thinking I just needed to know how much money was coming in vs going out, but I didn’t understand the depth that information could give to my business and growing it.
I started out by getting all my numbers in a spreadsheet, and then figuring out my margins. I started reading a few books (Rich Dad series, especially Guide to Investing) and I played an online game that really taught me how my own business is an investment to GROW, not just to give me some money each month to live on. I then read another book (Built to Sell) that systematizes exactly how to position and grow your business into a successful entity that can work and grow without you.
I’m starting to get it, and am working on making my business into a series of systems that can work without me, or in the event that an employee quits, there will be no downtown. I am also learning how to strengthen my business against competition, from outside as well as from the dreaded “insider” situation.
My numbers are way up from September, as of January 2015 my revenue has increased by over 500% of what it was last May (no exaggeration) and I’ve consistently been able to maintain margins between 60-70% monthly for more than 90 days!
Next focus: automate all systems, hire more staff (full-time assistant and manager), and be able to leave the business for 4-8 weeks—and have it grow during that time. Then, start working towards a second location.
Anna Larsen