The amazing business transformations from my coaching program.

Transformation? Indeed! Now bringing in 40-70 new leads each month!

Transformation? Indeed! Now bringing in 40-70 new leads each month!

Since the last meeting of our 7 Figure Mastermind (so 90 days ago), Santa Rosa Fit Body Bootcamp has evolved tremendously. Among other things, we’ve streamlined our new member intake procedures, which has allowed me to sit down with virtually every new person who starts our program before they ever come in to work out. My closing ratios have improved; we’re now over 95%. We used to hunt people down for weeks after they started a trial, half the time we’d miss the opportunity to ever get them in for a consult. In the off chance that someone hasn’t already sat down with me and picked a continuation service, all of our coaches are now fully trained to make a first-class sales presentation (front end offer).

Dallas and I pose beside what is to become his Range Rover, congratulations Dallas!

Dallas and I pose beside what is to become his Range Rover, congratulations Dallas!

We’ve hired a new super assistant who has dramatically reduced my workload. She handles all Facebook interactions including the cocktail party from start to finish, all appointment booking, phone calls, and email inquiries. This is really helpful because we’re now bringing in 40-70 new leads each month.

Since the last mastermind, we’ve increased our average transaction amount from $121 to $182. Our attrition rate has decreased for long-term members and we now retain 28-30% of our trials in 12-month programs. And the icing on the cake… We’ve had a 44% increase in monthly revenue generation!

I couldn’t be happier with the decision to be a part of this incredible group.

NOTE: What Dallas being the humble guy he is doesn’t mention is all the adversity he’s faced over the last couple years, from his house burning down to dealing with a neighbour who literally shot his dog and so much more. In the face of great adversity through support of a cohesive group and proven strategies Dallas has proven that if you want to succeed you will! At this year’s Fitness Business Summit the audience was so compelled by his story and success he was voted by his peers as the transformation champion and won a brand new Range Rover! What an amazing year!

My studio revenue jumped from the usual $7500 in December up over $17500!

My studio revenue jumped from the usual $7500 in December up over $17500!

Since joining the Fitness Accelerator Program with Cabel and Bedros, I’ve had calls, emails and webinars that have really given me direction with step by step instructions to creating cash flow for marketing (my studio revenue jumped from the usual $7500 in December up over $17500! and that was just the first month-January is on pace too!). And January is on pace because the instructions are step by step, it’s easy to implement.

I’m definitely keeping busy, but my marketing efforts are WAY more effective! I’ve been trying to build my Business Page on Facebook for about 2 years now with very SLOW progress. In 2 years I managed to increase my page likes to 390. Now within 2 months of coaching, I’m pushing 600 now! And I’ve learned how to actually turn them into offline leads who come into the studio.

chris-meredithThe greatest part is that I have renewed passion for training since I don’t feel like I’m spinning my wheels any more. It’s still a work in progress, but I’m now implementing systems to track my sales, marketing (finally created a working calendar), referral programs, client retention. All of these systems have shown me that the closing ratio was low and I need to focus on training my assistant on closing to better service people.

I’m so glad I did this program. Having a coach is where it’s at! By April I should be on pace for doubling my income from last year 🙂

Chris Meredith


While spending a month in Asia with more free time than I knew what to do with...

While spending a month in Asia with more free time than I knew what to do with…

joe_fightFirst off Cabel, thanks for everything man. 2013 was one hell of a year for me and I owe a huge debt of gratitude for all your help.

September was a special month for me because it was the first time I had team that took care of almost all training sessions for me. I had just done the big PIF promotion you helped me with which generated a little over $37,000 so my EFT had taken a bit of a dip.

So fast forward to this coming mastermind, my EFT is up nearly 100% since that promo as of January. My marketing calender is set for the next 6 months and I should hit my EFT goal by FBS14 no problem. While these numbers are great, and I’m happy about it, what I’m more happy with is the fact that I did this while spending nearly a month cruising around Asia, reading a book a week and having more free time then I know what to do with. 

I’ve realized what money is…to quote Bedros, “It’s the vehicle to freedom, and nothing more.”

Thanks for the freedom pal, see you in Vegas!

Chuck Marbes - Transformation Challenge Winner!

Chuck Marbes – Transformation Challenge Winner!

Chuck and I at the Vegas mastermind where he was named transformation challenge winner, this earns him flight and hotel to San Diego on me!

Chuck and I at the Vegas mastermind where he was named transformation challenge winner, this earns him flight and hotel to San Diego on me!

Below is an excerpt from a submission from Chuck for our quarterly “transformation challenge” it gives you a peak of what the 7 Figure Fitness Mastermind is all about. -Cabel

I got back from FBS, where I signed up for the mastermind, was the week Brian left my business. The trainer that sabotaged BBF. This to me has been a transformation, almost a complete loss at first, of rebuilding my business and I did that in less than a year and ALL while joining Mastermind!
So, I have had tremendous growth in my business but maybe not completely defined by EFT. I believe that there are multiple factors that come into play and CULTURE ranks #1! Yes of course, we need to generate more income, however I feel that we must build up front with culture so people KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST your company and than narrow the barrier of entry. I think I have become a shining example of this theory. It’s taken me since our last MM to generate this momentum and now through Trials, Sales, BOGO, and my January promotions you can tell 2014 is going to start out with a BANG!!!
DSC_0059So I know you’re a numbers guy so I’d like to share with you what I have done since the San Diego MM. (NOTE: I had no Marketing in place in October prior to attending the MM. I fixed that as soon as I arrived home)
October 1st to December 31st
– CLOSE Ratio:  88%
Black Friday Sale
we did $24,000 Paid In Fulls (money in hand)
– We did this in LESS than 24 hours! $24k in 24 hours!!!!! 
January 28 Day for $79 promo
– Set a goal of 21 spots
– SOLD 34 SPOTS – $2686 in sales (started VIP pricing calls this week to convert)
January 14 day trials (passes valid 1/1/14 – 1/15/14)
 – So far we’ve harvested 19 of these. I expect to see a few more in the next two days.
 From 1394 to 1786 ‘Likes’ = 392 Likes UP (28 a week average over 14 weeks total) 
 – November 3rd: Special Guest Lori Harder Bootcamp and Seminar
  • 120 people attended this SINGLE SESSION

– Thanksgiving Day Turkey Day Bootcamp for Charity 

  • 160 people attended

– Christmas Eve Bootcamp for Charity w/Special Guest Lori Harder 

  • 120 attendees
STAFF (all since San Diego)
– I have now hired 3 more trainers so I no longer have to work IN my business but can now work ON my business
– I hired a nutrition coach that works 30 hours a week so I no longer have to do these consults
– I gave ALL my staff $200 bonuses for Christmas. $100 gift cards to a super high end restaurant and $100 cash
– I gave my admin, Gini, a $X000 increase on her salary for 2014
– Started IRA program for my staff
5Memorial Day Catastrophe Turned Blessing
  • Lead trainer leaves to start rival business
  • steals entire concept
  • I lose 55% of memberships
  • I lose estimated $13,000 in monthly EFT drafts
  • In LESS THAN 6 months I have rebuilt entire BBF biz from ground up! Replaced every lost member. Not only replaced everyone that left but exceeded it! Again…in less than 6 months! 

Chas Young

Chas Young

The Ideas Cabel Gives Me Are Worth Every Penny! I’ve Increased My Sales By More Than 1000%! Thanks for changing my life and allowing me to enjoy running a business!

%image_alt%I opened my fitness studio in January 2010. I had been a trainer for a couple years and have a marketing degree. So I figured I knew something about bringing my dream of owning a gym into a reality. However, I soon learned that there’s so much more to a personal training business than being nice and having great clients.

One day on facebook I saw an ad about client getting tactics, by Bedros. I did a little online research and found out that there was a seminar in California to help personal trainers grow their business. I’m always willing to learn, so I checked it out. I went on a limb and bought my ticket that night. I figured it would be a great way to take the kids to Disneyland too.

In April of 2010, my family ventured down from the great white north and headed to Anaheim. It was an amazing weekend of client getting techniques. I can’t even count the number of pages of notes I took that I could put into action so that I could be on pace for a 6 figure income in a couple weeks. And I wouldn’t have to spend thousands of dollars on marketing either. There were ways to get clients without spending a lot of money, and since I was borderline broke, my brain soaked up as much information as it would hold. Instead of leaving with a list of 10 things to do, I had about 100.

Every speaker that spoke during the weekend said they would not have been to where they were today if it weren’t for a coach. Everyone placed their success in the power of coaching. So I figured that would be something I needed. I went to a luncheon to learn about Bedros’ mastermind group, but I knew there was no way my husband would let me spend that much money on coaching.

Enter in Cabel. I had met Cabel at a Fitness Business seminar in Calgary the fall before. During the conference in Anaheim I had heard that Cabel was in the mastermind group with Bedros. So if Bedros could help so many other trainers become successful, and Cabel was in his mastermind group, why wouldn’t I work with Cabel?

I started with Cabel in June of 2010 while I was making just over $1,000 a month on group training sales. My lease was over $6000/month, so I was losing money FAST. Cabel gave me specific steps that I needed to do week after week to help my business. By October, my income was up to over $7000/month and I had covered my lease payment.
No more was I worried about making the dreaded 1 year in business mark. 6 months later, I hired an assistant so that I can work more on my business instead of in it. Now I have 8 trainers and an assistant apprentice working for me and my studio trains over 1,300 people a month.

This past March I took a couple of my trainers with me to Fitness Business Summit with Bedros in California again. Again, I was blown away by the content and the calibre of the speakers there. Working in the circle of Bedros, you have access to the top internet marketers in the world, the top business and marketing leaders in the world, and then hundreds of walking testimonials of how Bedros has changed the lives of personal trainers from all over the world.
Coaching is the best decision I’ve made over the last year. The money spent on coaching, has made my business over ten times that back or more. But not only is it about the money you make, it’s all about having someone who’s been in your shoes, who knows what it’s like to love training but struggling to make money doing it. Having Cabel as a coach I have someone I can bounce ideas off, have a shoulder to lean on when there’s no one else who understands the hard times of owning a business, and to share in my successes.

Don’t even get me started on the mastermind group that Cabel has started. This is the best part! To have fellow business owners to synergize with. Together, with Cabel as our leader, we will be the most successful personal trainers and bootcamp owners in Canada.

Thanks for changing my life and allowing me to enjoy running a business!
Chas Young
Owner of Results Fitnes a Calgary group personal training studio.

[flv image=”http://www.profitablepersonaltrainer.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/chas-testimonial.jpg”]https://s3.amazonaws.com/profitablepersonaltrainer/cabelresults.flv[/flv]

Tim Borys - Fresh Fitness

Tim Borys – Fresh Fitness

The single turning point that got my business back on track.  Without that decision, I would probably be bankrupt and working in some dead-end job (even if I technically owned it)!

%image_alt%Hey there!  Tim Borys here.  As one of Cabel’s coaching clients, I’m writing this to give you the wake-up call that I wish I had many years ago.
You see, I’ve been in the training industry for 20 years, and owned my own business (JOB) for 10 of those.  Before that I contracted at numerous gyms and studio, plus ran around to other people’s houses doing in-home training, etc.

Compared to most trainers in the industry, I’ve done pretty well (or so it looks like from the outside).  Since starting my company in 2001, I opened 2 studios, had 8 employees, generated $500K in annual revenue, and thought I was a “business owner”.

The problem was that I was still broke, frustrated, losing money every year, losing good employees, and on the verge of quitting the industry to “get a real job”.  It drove me nuts that friends were making twice as much as me working 9-5, despite working half the hours I did.

I would tell myself that it was OK because I owned a business and had more flexibility than those working for “The Man”.  The fact is, I was in complete denial, had my head in the sand, and owned a JOB that I was paying dearly to work 16-20 hours a day at.

I had been to business marketing conferences, seminars, and workshops in the past and even had coaching from top industry experts.  None of that worked until I met Cabel

When I met Cabel, I was down to 3 employees (including myself), less than $300K in revenue, and was literally days away from bankruptcy.  My credit cards and line of credit were completely maxed.  I had taken money from my personal savings to cover payroll for 2 straight pay periods, and hated the fact that I would likely be seen as a failure to my wife and 2 kids.

That was when I attended Cabel’s Profitable Personal Trainer Workshop and signed up for his Mastermind Group as a last ditch effort to save my business.

Since that time (about 6 months ago), things have changed dramatically.  I’ve gone from $75K in dept, to having only about 10K left to pay off on my line of credit (and this would have been paid off too if I didn’t have to spend money on fixing an accounting nightmare).  That’s $65K paid off in 6 months!

The even bigger change is that I finally feel confident in the direction of my business, and the strategies in place to get me to my goals.  Things are on track for change and I can see the changes beginning to affect all areas of my company (it is not a JOB anymore)!

As mentioned, I’ve had coaching in the past and have heard or read many of the things that Cabel has recommended (as I’m sure you have too).  The MASSIVE difference that Cabel has made in my business is due to the following 3 things

These short and focused weekly calls are the nuts and bolts of implementing your efforts.  This is something that I never received from previous coaches and I feel this has made the biggest difference in the turnaround of my business.  It is your opportunity to get constructive feedback and suggestions on the challenges you are facing, talk strategy, and discuss plans for implementation.  These calls alone are worth 10x the value of his entire coaching program! (I hope that means you won’t raise my coaching rates!)

Cabel is a systems guru.  The guy lives, breaths, and dies by systems.  His hands-on, practical approach to helping you implement the most effective systems in your business is unbelievable.  I’ve barely scratched the surface of implementation, but have already noticed huge differences in effectiveness, reduced workload, and more focused efforts.

The templates and examples he provides you are worth THOUSANDS of dollars and will save you YEARS of effort and frustration in your business.

Having the coaching calls each week is great because you can get great ideas and plans, but if you never actually take action, you will continually struggle (or fail).  Take it from my personal experience; the fact that you’ve set accountability tasks and objectives with Cabel at one meeting means that he will call you on it if they don’t get done.  As business owners & entrepreneurs, we are rarely accountable to anyone but ourselves.  However, if you are like me, you would never think of letting someone else down.  Especially someone who knows what you are going through and will call BULLSHIT on the crappy excuses that tend to use each day!  In fact, many of us are so used to using these excuses that we actually begin to believe they are true!

Cabel has been great at snapping me back to reality when I’m in the middle of a “Pity Party”.

So, while there are many other benefits such as a community of peers, access to a network of top industry experts, etc., the three I listed above have made a remarkable difference in my mindset, confidence, and business performance.

If you’ve been struggling in your business and things aren’t happening as fast as you want, you owe it to yourself and your family to get your ass in gear and get help!  Cabel has been there, struggled like you, and solved the equation!  It would be crazy not to use that experience and learn from him!

That’s my story up to the present day.  I hope it helps you avoid some of the mistakes I’ve made. If you are still unsure that you can make this type of turnaround, just attend the upcoming Workshop to learn some hands on strategies and tips that will change your business.  It will also give you the opportunity to chat more with Cabel and meet Bedros (another cool guy who knows his shit!)

I attended this event last year and it was the single turning point that got my business back on track.  Without that decision, I would probably be bankrupt and working in some dead-end job (even if I technically owned it)!

Yours in Health and Prosperity!
Tim Borys

Tim owns the Calgary Personal Training company FRESH! Fitness (www.freshfitness.ca)

Sean Stuart

The Transformation Has Been Phenomenal, I Feel On Fire. Just 9 Weeks Ago I was Barely Making $1000/month and Now…

[flv image=”http://www.profitablepersonaltrainer.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/sean-testimonial.jpg”]https://s3.amazonaws.com/profitablepersonaltrainer/sean9wk.flv[/flv]

Charmaine Ironside - Ironside Fitness

Charmaine Ironside – Ironside Fitness

My business has more than doubled in income in the last 5 months since starting with Cabel.

%image_alt%I came on board with Cabel after debating the pro’s and con’s of business coaching and realizing that my To-do list will never end and I needed help prioritizing where to put my energy to grow my business and stop drowning in tasks and To do’s. My business has more than doubled in income in the last 5 months since starting with Cabel and it’s only getting better! I love how Cabel gives me concrete tasks every time we have a coaching call that I feel I can conquer and our regular calls keep me on task and accountable! I am excited to continue to grow and having Cabel’s experience, resources and passion on my side is what keeps me moving forward and not drowning in the daily tasks of running a business. Thanks Cabel for your passion for my business and personal growth as a successful business woman a great trainer!

-Charmaine Ironside
B.Kin., Certified Personal Trainer, Medical Exercise Specialist and owner of Ironside Fitness Inc

Daniel Scherer

I’d made some bad financial decisions but I knew my skills and passion were in fitness, the first thing Cabel said was, “we’re going to find the lowest hanging fruit.”


Joe Pece - Hard Knox Training

Joe Pece – Hard Knox Training

I was living in the new gym…had no real kitchen facilities, no hot water and had to put together a makeshift shower as I didn’t have any showers in the gym.

profilrAs we are approaching Fitness Business Summit, I just wanted to give you a personal Thank You for what Bedros and more importantly yourself have done for me over the past 9 months.

This is not something I have made common knowledge, however, prior to working with yourself my business was in an extremely bad way. Not long before starting the business accelerator program, I had to move out of the premises that I was running my gym from. This was because I was unable to cover the rent for the premises and was so far behind that I was asked (ok forced) to leave.
Having no where to go and also not wanting to give up on my dream, I took the clients that stood by me and started training in a park every day.

For the next few months, I pretty much did what ever I had to do to get enough cash to put together a deposit to lease new premises and negotiate with the realtors to give me the first 3 months free (my thought process was that I had 3 months to make the business profitable). I was also having to stay at a friends place when I could as I couldn’t afford to pay rent to live anywhere at the time either.

This was the point where I seriously took on the information that Bedros was producing and took the step to enrol in the business accelerator program. It was something that I was not able to afford but once again did whatever I needed to do make sure I didn’t miss the opportunity. To do this I was living in the new gym that I just had signed on for, as I didn’t have any real income to pay for a place to live. It was not a pleasurable experience as I had no real kitchen facilities, no hot water and had to put together a makeshift shower as I didn’t have any showers in the gym….just toilets and cold water (doing cold showers throughout the winter was not a pleasurable experience…i definitely wouldn’t recommend it 🙂 )

But once I started the phone calls with yourself, it gave me a lot of hope that this was the turning point for my business. The phone calls with yourself became my guide for building the gym. Everything you asked or suggested that I do, I did with 110% and made sure I could do it as well as I could and no surprise all the methods worked. When starting with you my business was bearly making 3k a month. Thanks to you I am now making an average of 13k per month, and this is all thanks to you and your dedication to wanting to do whatever it takes to help people succeed.

As you know, I have just put on a new trainer, and this was something that I didn’t even see possible just a short time ago.

I will admit that this journey has been tough, there were a lot of testing and dark times, but I always knew that I had you on my side and just by reading through Profitable Personal Trainer group kept the motivation up and promising myself that no matter what that I would be at the next Fitness Business Summit…which is now reality thanks to yourself.

This is just a brief overview of what has happened over the past 9 months, but from the bottom of my heart thank you! If it weren’t for your vast knowledge, encouragement and commitment I truly believe that I wouldn’t have a business, let alone a profitable business that I have now. I cant wait to keep working with you and building my business bigger as I now see this as just the beginning.

THANK YOU once again, I feel I owe a lot to you and B.

I am looking forward to meeting you in a few weeks 🙂

Oh and just so you know, I am no longer living in the gym but I do have my own place now 🙂

P.S. I was going to send this to B as well, but wasnt sure which email to send it to, so please feel free to forward to him.

Thanks and see you soon
Joe Pece – Hard Knox Training