The amazing business transformations from my coaching program.

Josh Cooper

Josh Cooper

Cabel has a very unique way of simplifying any problem and providing an even 431132_263866673690126_776947415_nsimpler solution.

I’ve been working with Cabel for almost a year now and it’s one of the best business decisions I’ve made.  Cabel has helped me take my training business from one that only had a few clients to one that is now a 6 figure business.  Cabel has a very unique way of simplifying any problem and providing an even simpler solution. In fact, during my very first call with Cabel, I was able to implement one of his simple strategies that day and sign a new client to a 12 month program.  That strategy is now one I use on a daily basis to continually grow my business.  I look forward to our regular calls and always leave with that “aha” moment that helps me take action immediately.  A coach is a must have for any business owner that wants to be truly successful and Cabel is the one that will get you there.


I truly appreciate everything you’ve done for me.  Thanks Cabel!

Popeye’s Supplements

popeye_logoWe have been operating Popeye’s Supplements Calgary for many years and have done all of our own marketing to this point.  As we have been concerned how the current recession would impact future business we actively searched for new and innovative marketing ideas.

We’ve known Cabel for some time and are delighted to see him launch profitablepersonaltrainer.com. He has provided significant input on many different advertising avenues that are both simple and cost effective.  These ideas are not only up to date but combine the best of previous marketing campaigns with that of new technologies, networking, and direct to customer contact.

What impresses me the most about Cabel is that he has not only studied many marketing techniques and programs but has tested, implemented, measured, and proving what works on countless occasions.  He is a wealth of knowledge on alternative marketing techniques and provided invaluable input on where to focus not only advertising dollars but more importantly, ones time.

Thanks again Cabel!

Shane and Terri Abraham
Owners, Popeye’s Supplements Calgary