I struggled for 8 years as personal trainer to make an “average” living before hiring my first business coach.

Fast-forward 18 months and my fitness studio did over 7-figures in it’s full operating year.

Fast forward 10 years and I now work alongside my business coach (Bedros Keuilian) together we’ve helped thousands of fitness professionals, from all over the world build 6, 7 and multiple 7-figure fitness businesses!

In fact as of now I have 4 personal clients I’ve personally coached to build 7 Figure business, one that went from $200 in their bank account to 7 Figures in about 18 months!

That says nothing about the multiple 6 figure businesses I’ve helped create on more than four continents!

I’ve helped people start in parks to move to their own facilities in a span of just a few months!

I can help you by teaching you a systematic, authentic, and most importantly predictable and measurable way to build and run your fitness business.

I will teach you that your business is about focusing on 4 key areas:

  1. Sales & Marketing/Lead Generation
  2. Operations & Efficiency
  3. Client Satisfaction & Team Performance
  4. Cashflow Management & Growth

I will guide you as to where your focus needs to be at any given time and can provide 100s of “done-for-you” tools and resources to model and copy, making rapid business evolution a reality.

Whether you’re a start-up or struggling entrepreneur I know I can help you in as little as 30-60 days; in fact to my knowledge I run the only business consulting program that offers a UNCONDITIONAL 30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

I’d love to help you.

I think in any coaching environment it’s important to make sure it’s a good fit in terms of trust and ease of communication, you need to be comfortable with me or what I can teach you doesn’t really matter, do you agree?

You see the 7 Figure Mastermind run by Bedros and I is the most prestigious coaching program of it’s kind.

But in addition to being a part of a rock star community I’ll teach you the core systems and KPIs that allow you to run your business without that constant state of chaos and overwhelm.

The starting place is a 30 min getting to know you, strategy call.

Book with confidence, everything we do is covered by a 30 day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee.

What’s included in the program?
– 1 X 20 minute coaching calls/month (sometimes more as I direct, I believe in giving you help when you need it and in the early stages sometimes this takes extra calls.- Unlimited access to me by email.)
– Emergency access by text message
– Access to all my products as well as Bedros’ information products including Fit Pro Newsletter. (Thousands of dollars in value!)
– And all kinds of done-for-you resources I supply from my business (like email campaigns, reporting tools, share links for marketing funnels, etc.)

If you’d like to firm up a strategy call just click here ( and complete the purchase for your call.