Purpose or Finance?

Purpose or Finance?

If I asked you to be really honest with yourself right now could you? Is your day to day activity focused around purpose or finance? Maybe this sounds like a weird question.  Maybe you answered it quickly in your mind, but are you sure? Are you truly being 100% honest with yourself? If I’m being […]

The Whole Summer Deal

It’s nice to see the world returning to normal in the wake of this bizarre pandemic! It’s only now in most parts of Canada all the Covid restrictions are falling away.I finally see the trend developing that should see advanced recovery in a lot of industries in the coming months (namely the fitness industry)So I […]

The 5X25 Fitness Marketing Model

I’ve always preached that you need to be, “fishing in multiple ponds,” when it comes to generating enough leads to successfully grow your fitness business (or any business for that matter.) So something I’ve always taught my clients is what I call the “5X25 Fitness Marketing Model.” You see we live in a time where […]