I went from a monthly auto pay income of $247 to over $5000 in just 2 months!!

joel-danfordJoel Danford www.oceanviewfitness25.com

I have a small business run by me only (which is changing as I speak) it has changed a total 180, from where I was in just four months ago.  I am beyond containment of how you guys have helped me, so I will start off by telling you some small numbers.  Keep in mind that these numbers are very small compared to bigger studios but to me they mean the difference of my business having a 100% growth rate from when I started this program.

1. I went from a monthly auto pay income of $247 to over $5000 in just 2 months!!  That in itself blows my mind.

2. I increased my prices over 15%

3. My retention rate is up over 90% after following the advice on our coaching calls and webinars.

4. My market funnel has tripled in numbers, bringing in over 3 times the amount as before.

5. My Relationship with other business has grown to a working partnership where I have been referred over and over.

6. My freedom and quality of life has been increased dramatically.

7. My client Conversion rate is over 90% (Out of the last 20 promotion prospects I have closed 16, and 2 of the 4 that I didn’t were because of work related injuries)

8. I have learned how to and have sold over five, 1 Year long programs!!  Seriously??  I never thought I could do that before. (Bedros’ Close Clients is Awesome. If you don’t have it you are missing out on a lot of money and freedom.)

9. I now have learned and am implementing the blueprint for letting others train so that I can grow the business and do the 5% that I do best, which is sell what I am passionate about.

10.And the most important thing of all to me is that now I can focus on delivering the results and passion to my clients instead of trying to stay afloat in the business side. My dream of helping people was never quite 100% real because of the stress of money and staying alive but now I can reach full potential in my passion as a result of better business strategies.

Like I said before, this has been a total 180 for me.

If I could list all of the things that have changed and that I have learned from this program I would go on all day, so for now I will just send you these major progress steps. Looking back this was the best $$$ that I have ever spent.

This is beyond my expectation of what I would learn from you. So, from a Passionate personal trainer to these 2 awesome coaches, Bedros and Cabel, you inspire me and keep me growing!  Thank-you.

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