How I Use Paper to Sell Personal Training

If you haven’t already read last week’s post you should do so before reading this one. In this week’s post we’re going to pick up where we left off. Now that you understand your client’s needs, previous experiences, expectations and have made them a little emotional about the whole situation; how do you move them […]

The More Lines in the Water, the More Likely You Will Get a Bite

What does fishing have to do with the business of personal trainer marketing in Alberta? Maybe more than you think. Too often, especially as a solo personal trainer, our time is spread very thin amongst a variety of tasks. When we think of personal trainer marketing and attracting new clients we often become really focused […]

Never Forget to Recognize People

Never Forget to Recognize People

Not directly a marketing strategy, perhaps one part common sense, but either way something you can’t afford to miss. Just today I was reminded of the importance of recognizing someone that I never expected to play as big a role in our success as they have. Just after lunch I finally made it downtown to […]

Popeye’s Supplements

We have been operating Popeye’s Supplements Calgary for many years and have done all of our own marketing to this point.  As we have been concerned how the current recession would impact future business we actively searched for new and innovative marketing ideas. We’ve known Cabel for some time and are delighted to see him launch He has provided significant input on […]