The 4 Pillars of a Fitness Business

I learned the hard way that as an entrepreneur you get pulled in a thousand directions every day and you are forced to wear a lot of hats.

At least for me, burnout was an ongoing problem.

It took me way to long to learn that not everything was urgent, and that by letting some things slide and focusing intensely on just a few things; not only did things not fall apart they began to rapidly improve.

But how do you know where to focus?

How do you know what you can let slide?

Like it might surprise you but in my opinion customer service isn’t an area of focus until much later. Don’t confuse that to believe that I don’t think customer service is important, but rather the best customer service will come from developing other areas first.

You’ll understand better when you watch the video.

Bottom line is, we can do a few things really well, and if you give just a few things at a time the majority of your attention you’ll find your business will not only grow it’s going to work and grow without you. (It’s why I could open two new facilities within 30 days of one another and never visit them again since they’ve opened.)


What do you think? Did this video give you some ideas?

One of the things I’ve found is; that it’s easy to keep gathering information, it can be a pretty scary thing to actually go out and do it.

Something that seemed so simple suddenly becomes scary, or a lot more complicated.

Our industry is built on the fact that as people, as human beings, we need each other; we need support, community, confidence and accountability.

I love helping people, I love helping fitness professionals help more people, maybe I can help you.

From time to time I take on a few private coaching clients, if after watching the video above, if you’re serious about taking big action in your business maybe I can help you. Quite often I help fitness pros add $5000, 10,000, $15,000 a month in additional revenue in 60-90 days. If you’d like to know more about private coaching send me a message here.

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